Tuesday, August 29, 2006

shwoop shwoop shwooopppp...

I think I like skiing. I enjoyed my first ski trip very much, despite the dodgy lodge and crappy snow (good enough for me as a beginner though). Reason why the word 'think' was used is because I like a lot of things, scuba diving, skydiving and now skiing, I really do like them. I'm just wondering how long can this passion last, or will I be motivated once again to do them again, being such a typical Bull myself.

Learning to ski wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be, but I suppose mastering the skill will need lots of time and effort plus practice as well as guts though. Having one and a half day only and being able to go down a few greens as forced encouraged by Milyn and Wayne, I'm happy with myself.

From skiing down but stop to walking down the parts with "too steep for the 1st day beginner slope" to "ski and fall then ski again" on the second day down the green run was motivating. I guess we human just get motivated when you see improvements in yourself, otherwise, there are two camps of people - keep trying or give up, I assume I'm the latter.

I can't, I can't... I can!

To be honest, I've no problem with falling down. I'm not afraid of losing control and falling down, except if I know I'm gonna fall off the cliff of course. However, I've got a problem with getting up with the skis on. Milyn and Wayne made me get up by myself, and all I can do was to say "I can't, I can't, I can't..." I know it was out of goodwill that they were forcing me to get up by myself and not helping me, that's for sure. When they got frustrated with my helpless yelling and begging of them to help me up or to allow me to take my ski off to get up, they had to give in.

It makes me wonder...

Is that how my attitude is towards obstacles in life? I don't mind getting in to trouble, but I want/expect/wish/pray for others to help me out of it? I can't get up by myself without taking off the skis (that is not true! If I try harder, I could!!) In that sense, am I always been looking for the easy way out when I run in to problems? What is the so called 'right' way of dealing with obstacles in life? I suppose there's no right/wrong - there's only the comfortable yet effective way.

I'll learn to stand up by myself.

Again, I really have to thanks Milyn and Chee Weng for their patience with me. I know I'm such a klutz at times. Thank you for risking your own safety by being around me as I myself think that I'm a walking skiing disaster. Thanks June for lending me her goggles, very useful - no blizzard but... snow splashes on me when I fall, hihi... Thanks for my bosses (dad & mum) for sponsoring my trip. Thanks to the wonderful instructors who were very friendly and taught so well.

Before I forget, I've to mentioned that I was really glad to have a fine meal at Astra Lodge despite our mission of going on a budget trip. Food wasn't excellent but is good enough to feed the two foodie - me and Milyn. The Vodka Bar was a little disappointing but the Vodka list was impressive, thumbs up! We had cup noodle on the second night but... we never fail to have a bottle of wine over dinner and a couple of drinks after dinner, talking about alcoholics.

p.s. my whole body is badly sore, even my fingers and wrist! Calves are the worst. And those bruises...


tracy said...

mana u went kawan?

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Kawan, I went up to the snow, Falls Creek, about 4.5 hours away from Melbourne.