Monday, July 31, 2006

Running Thoughts

Eventful weekend. I hardly have any energy to blog. The following are my energy booster (Power Juice & Acai Shooter from Boost weren't helping) -

i) Ministry of Sound's Sessions Three (recommended by Keat). This is abso-fucking-lutely awesome! Commercial House/Trance that I've been listening in clubs/raves for the past six months. Highly recommended. Go get one yourself, don't ask me to copy, as it's too good to not have one. It's blasting on my stereo and giving me a new state of elation.

ii) Homemade soy-chocolate (taught by Robyn). This cooking dark chocolate version is better than Max Brenner, I swear. I trust it'll help minimize my expenses on Max Brenner, Koko Black & Gloria Jeans while I still get my regular chocolate fix, yum... get the recipe from me.


Wasn't feeling too good yesterday, suppose I was catching the cold from people around. Woke up with watery eyes and congested nose. Had to drag my ass to start on my herbal-therapy-athon. Pumping in heaps of Echinacea & Ginger tea (ran out of Elderflower, Red Clover, Winter Blues and Fennel), Chinese herbal tea and Vitamin C, I'd at last won the flu-war. Headed for more Vitamin C booster - Lychee Caipiroska (lime's the source!).


Caught TV Junkie from the MIFF, not too bad, except for the overwhelming perfume of the lady next to me, that gave me a headache and the urge to vomit, yes, it was that bad.


Asian nights review:
I don't like Asian nights.

Eclipse - Bad music. Bad crowd. Met some new people. Good friends. Some sour complains *wink*. Boring.
Boulevard - Good music (only downstairs) most of the time. So-so crowd. Crazy friends. Lost and found earrings. Good fun.
Bass Lounge - Bad music. Bad crowd. Funny friends. Lotsa drinking games. Erm...

Would be happier if I patronize Room 680, Honky Tonks or Alumbra.

I don't like Asian nights, but I keep going back, because my friends love them. The only buddy that likes Room is not going either, because his girlfriend doesn't. Looking forward to Godskitchen. Good music feeds my soul, euphoric!


I love winter but I hate the heater. Heater makes me sick. Especially when I'm out shopping. I couldn't breathe in the malls, it makes me feel sick, dizzy, heavy-headed, just terrible. And I truly wish the temperature could just drop, drop and drop...


Ginza Teppanyaki at Chinatown sucks big time! I'm telling you now not to step in there. Food was awful yet pricey. Disgusting. Shoya is 81 times better.


This is the time of the year - car registration due, car insurance due, and soon... car service. My body's aching terribly. I've over spent on the weekend already. Too many Caipiroska, clubbing, eating out, what's new?

Time to put on my DVD, heat up some supper... and be a piggy!

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