Sunday, August 13, 2006

Birthdayss Weekend

Blogging when you're drunk is so stupid, but I'm still gonna leave it up, cause I'm stupid. Hangover for half a day, wanted to call Fern for some gossips but remembered that she's in Singapore holidaying, hm... miss her.

Tracy is such a funny bunny, she called me from KL just to ask about Biotherm and Lancome. Wonder if she has gotten her FREE samples, haha... Wonder the trick that I taught her works. This is the wonder of technology, regardless of where you are physically, it is just a phone call/email away. I don't feel apart from you girls at all some times.

Louis's birthday dinner at Tutto Bene last night started at nine-fifteen instead of seven-forty-five as everyone was told. And the best thing was - I got there at fifteen to nine and I was the first one. Mervyn would always be Mervyn. And Andy is the new idiot (but you know I'll still love you boys). Louis's cake was almost ruin due to my running around getting the cake last minute.

Milyn's birthday dinner tonight is going to be at Radii. Hopefully by time I get there I'll be able to enjoy the wine. Can't decide what to wear. There's a theme for the dinner, but I've not called to ask. Been on the phone the whole day, gossipping and making jokes about others with Sasha, crazy bitch.

Time to go, I don't wanna be late again.


tracy said...

wakakkaka lynn, i didnt manage to get FREE samples ler...coz i was desparate, my skin was cracking n peeling(sounds horrible?) so i had to freaking get the day & nite cream from Lancome.and thats not only wat i bought, i even bought the super cun water proof eyeliner(pencil) and the mascara(hypnose)
Reason why i choose Lancome although i went to check out Biotherm first? Its coz of the sales girls at Biotherm are some stupid amatuer salesgirl...

tracy said...

they actually asked me stupid questions like:-
(i had a pimple on my nose, a small one)
salesgirl: what is that ar?
salesgirl: always got one ar u?
enough to get on my nerve and decided to just walk away..
on the contrary, the Lancome girl was super nice and let me try almost all their samples and even gave me some sample sweet...
kekek sucker for tester/samples?

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

We shall all pray that those stupid people doesn't get sales for the whole month! (we're poisonous)

Hope you're enjoying your new products and it will helps improve your current condition (don't I sound professional?)