Wednesday, August 30, 2006


"When a woman has sex with someone, her body will release a chemical that makes you get emotionally attached" Carrie (SATC, 2004)

Can us women have the power to stop the release of that chemical?
The strongest woman I've known who I totally adore and look up to - 27th of Jul (you know I'm talking about you) - can't do that. Regardless of how fearless she was and how quick she can get over her so called 'relationships', despite how she said she's okay and is unaffected, I know she did, otherwise, why would the two of us be talking about it. So do I, I'm still unable to stop the release of that chemical.

All the questions like - will he call you or not? How many other 'she' is out there? What does he think of me? All the questions that you shouldn't ask and you needn't know, we've all asked that.

That includes two types of men - the ones that you like as well as the ones that you don't, yet you would still be consciously and unconsciously asking those question. Why bother when you don't want that person? Because we are all the psycho bitch who believes in "I don't want him but I want him to want me!"?

Call it plain selfishness, a cheapo way to boost self-confidence, worse - the attention seeker or backing up, whichever you prefer to.

Whether or not you're looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right-Now, a relationship or just a companionship, it's all the same, or at least they share a great deal of similarity. I've somehow think that every two person share a relationship, regardless of you want it intentionally or not - friends, acquaintances, partners, lovers, f*ck buddies, enemies, ex-boy/girlfriends, bosses... there are some relationships in some way, aren't they?

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