Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I'm such a loser, I went out again, to Canary Club to meet up with the boys - Gary, Jen and Bunna. See, Jen just got back yesterday, I've not seen him for four months so...

Just like Friday - after the theatre and supper, I thought I was going home to have an early night but I ended up going to 3 Below, followed by Lexington and Cookie then Supper Club and got home at six. Well done!

Also like Saturday - I said I'm not stepping my foot in to Boulevard but I ended up dancing like a mad woman with Keat to DJ Mickey Space's House, three hours non-stop. Thumbs up!

What else can I say?

As for now...

Sheets - changed
Laundry load 1 - in the dryer
Laundry load 2 - in the washer
Lunch for tomorrow - prepared
Garbage - cleared
Dishes - washed

But why is my place still so terribly messy? How much things does one need? I was determined to tidy up until Gary called, and I tried to say no... followed by a yes.

I've finally tried out Filou's today. Had their Beef & Guinness Pie, it was yummy, with chunky beef. The place was great, very Frenchy, very cosy, very friendly, lotsa varieties - from savouries to sweets, from cakes to sour dough, everything freshly baked daily. I'm definitely going back for a taste of their Beef Burgundy Pie, Chicken & Mushroom Pie, Tandoori Chicken (yes, it's suppose to be a French place) Pie, Lamb Pie, as well as all the delicious looking tarts. Oh yeah, I love my pies!


I'm still wondering why does some people can't smile and be nice and say thanks as well as please and just want to show you their sulky face all day and be rude? Her parents did not teach her the social courtesy or she just didn't get laid lately?

I'm talking about the receptionist at Suite 6 @ Cardigan House. Hope she'll get laid soon.


tracy said...

sounded like fei lou

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Are most French fat? I've been told and read that French Woman don't get Fat...

tracy said...

hey speaking of which, yea, my french kawan all skinny skinny wan...
maybe it's their diet??

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

I read the book "French Women Don't Get Fat", it's not only the diet, it's their philosophy of life as well.