Thursday, August 31, 2006

Getting All the Sores

Was online paying for my rent and saw a 500 bucks withdrawal on the 26th, last Saturday. I didn't withdraw that amount! 26th... I was going up the mountains, I swear I didn't get any money from the machine, I didn't even go near one. Damn... I can buy a dress with that money, I'm gonna call the bank tomorrow.

Ten minutes ago, I saw the transaction record, in fact I did withdraw 500 bucks from the bank, at 2.58am - I was drunk, incredibly.

My intention of going for a FEW drinks before dinner and head home straight after dinner didn't come true, obviously. My FEW drinks ended up with 4 pre-dinner whites, bubbly over home-cooked Hainanese chicken rice, followed by another 2 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, then god-knows how many more whites that any ordinary creature will be too smashed to recall.

I do have some vague memory of adjourning to the club from the bar where we were, the unseccessful attempt of sneaking in to the club without paying (only drunkard would do things like this to embarrass oneself), the dancing, the fun-loving Holden boys, the Chinatown take-away supper, the drunk-driving (bad, bad, bad...), the packing for the trip while drunk...

Consequences were...
a 45-minute nap that doesn't help in any sense;
indigestion probably because I didn't bite but just gobbled up the roti with rendang;
packing some weird stuff like juice (???!!!) up to the mountains;
hangover for half a day yet having to be in a coach on those windy roads;
and of course, withdrawing $$$ on my auto-pilot mode, quite smart actually.

I can't believe myself.

Having no sleep for two nights in a week is bad. Regardless of how much La Mer and Peter Thomas Roth I use to cosset my face, it's not gonna help. To rub things in further, I've got a coldsore from the snow after my body sore. Trust me, it's not from kissing someone else, it's from the snow, the chemist told Violet. The exposure to the sun in the cold, that's it.

I look hideous, yet I went to see someone that I enjoy seeing. How heroic can I be? I almost broke in to tears this afternoon, I didn't know what to do, it was catastrophic. Things like this can only happen to me, believe it or not. Not for the first time, I'm hoping that miracle would happen to me again, may the despised patch go missing when the sun rises and shines, I can then get some retail therapy that I've not had for the longest time.

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