Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Love You Girls!!!

This is important yet it doesn't matter to you people...

this is the official first not-sober-blog of Lynn. I'm freaking tipsy since 8pm...
I have to say this... I love you girls (and guys) - Keat, Violet, Pat, Sharon, Kelvin, Merv, Andy, Charm, Minh, KeNN!, Dixon, Minh (#2), Michael, Khim, Judith... In short, everyone who had contributed to my drunkiness

I love you people. Keat and Ken, if you're reading this, thanks for taking me away from the loserssszzzssszz!!!!!

Keat, I didn't get my manicure.

Pat, get well soon.

Violet, for the first time you did not drink with me!!!!!!!

I'm now officially allowed to ramble - I like RED, I like numbers like 4, 9, 13. I love my girlies like Pat and Violet cause they don't judge me for what I've done. I like pouring my heart to Pat & Violet. I like them being acceptive(is there such word?) I like because I like... I can't be bothered. I just like what's around now. My fingers can't type well... spell check tomorrow, I don't wanna be seen with many errors, cause I'm trying to be a professional. Phuck... I love you people - people who call me all the time from KL- as well as the understanding cool girls from Melbourne...

Can we put the history behind us like how it's suppose to be? And start a new friendship like how we've met on the street? I love my past cause it makes me "me" but I love you girls for who you are. Like I always said - I'm not gonna change, not for you, not for him, if I'm gonna change, it's going to be for myself. Love you girls (YOU KNOW WHO YOU GIRLS ARE - THE MELBOURNE GIRLS - THE SUPPORTIVE ONES - THE ONES THAT I LOVE) and the KL ones (the rocking ones!!!)

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