Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Totally exhausted. Brain-stormings are absolutely taxing. Sitting in class pretending that you're absorbing the boring lecture is strenuous. Having bland take-away dinner is sickening. Putting on so much weight 'out of a sudden' is disheartening. My tragically messy apartment is irritating.

I've developed a love/hate relationship with Mondays. Hate it because it's the start of the week. Hate it because I've got 4 hours straight classes. Hate it because Robin's Publishing class is a pain - unpleasantly dull. Love it because Karen's Comm Entrepreneur class is my favourite unit - love the brain stormings, love the exchange of idea, love Karen, love my group mates, love the environment, even the classroom. You just love everything about that something when you love that something.

That reminds me of something - When you love someone, you'd think that he's cute even when he burps/farts; when you dislike someone, even the way he holds his chopstick/fork pisses you off. Very true, at least to me.

I've heaps of food in the fridge waiting for me to perform my magic on them in the kitchen. I hardly have any energy for that, opted for take-away instead, no washing, no cooking. Unfortunately, my dinner tonight tasted awful, everything just tasted so wrong.

Can't believe I have submission again this Friday... and next Friday. It'll be good if I can get work done at home, if it is at all possible, otherwise trips to the state library are a must, pfftt!

Weekend was great, contrary to what I've promised myself of partying hard, I did not party at all. Well, I did, for a good thirty minutes. Somehow I was "forced" to party with them by the six over-grown boys, hence, I was labelled as the 6-in-1 super girl (private joke, sorry)!

In short, my weekend was...

manicured hands - ski-gearless shopping - Bistro 1's poor service/so-so food - sizzling hot Comme - a sexy tall one at Lexington - bodyguarded Kaleido by six...

...90 minutes of massage - bare faced Cookie - "watching some juicy TV at home with three other silly girls" (another private joke)...

...Vietnamese Pho - Love Your Gown opening - Westin Smooth Vanilla Tea - Margos one for one Seafood Platter + two bucks Chardonnay...

Eventful with lotsa laughter. I am happy. Forget about my complaints at the beginning. My only complaint now is that

I'M FAT. I feel so disgusted by myself that I refuse to go on dates, I don't feel like at all. All I want is to see my friends and drown my sorrow.

Time to go get started on my readings. I was once told - readings are not meant to be read - totally agree!


Elizebeth D.L. said...

If you don't have time (looking at your busy schedule), I suggest you drop your manicure section, and go for yoga to loose weight~~~;)

Easy to say, difficult to do... I know I know..

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Deisy, I was practising yoga for awhile before, then got lazy. I take your advice, I will go next week! Last week to be lazy.

I need to also announce - I've not bought chips and cheezels home for the last two times I did my groceries shopping, great leap!