Monday, April 02, 2007

Trophy Wife

News out of the bag - Rowena's pregnant! Everyone in the family is, of course, very excited. As us chinese believe, this year of the golden pig is such a great year to have babies, what a right time? I can't wait to find out whether is that going to be a he or she before stocking up gifts for that small little one who will be calling me auntie Lynn. Besides being all thrilled about the arrival of a new life, I'm at the same time mildly alarmed that I'm in fact not 19 (like I always feel like I am) anymore, pffftt!

Whatever it is, I still think age is just a number game. Say what you want but I won't change my mind, I'll always feel like I'm at my fabulous 19.

Caught up with Roland for dinner tonight, to discuss about my residency application. There will be some major changes in July and they could either be a disaster, or opportunities for me. We will see, fingers crossed (tight)!

We were talking and talking till he pointed out that he thought I'm an ideal trophy wife *choke* What? I'm pretty sure he doesn't know me, not at all, sweetheart. I then realized our idea of trophy wife weren't really the same in fact. He reckoned it was a compliment to be called a trophy wife as many men are chasing after one; while I reckoned being called a trophy wife was an insult, why would a human want to be represented by something that is lifeless and personality-less? A plaque?

Roland's explanation was... why does people enter a competition? To win the prize, the trophy in this context. The trophy, on the other hand, should feel proud that there are so many people out there going through all the challenges in the hope of taking her home.

So I argued... yeah, that is the thrill you men are looking for in the process of attaining the award but lose interest after you've gotten it. You just leave the trophy at a corner and dust will be her only companion. You expect the trophy to make you look good, feel proud yet you don't give two f*cks about what she wants or need. All you need to know is that you're the one who took the trophy home, you're the winner, that's it.

So he said...

"but I'm different! I rub and clean my trophies at home everyday!"

I was highly amused yet we were losing the point just there. Nevermind. At least I got to hear from a man's point of view about this controversial trophy issue. I look at a trophy wife as a submissive woman with attributes of an ideal wife most men are looking for, good for display and fits perfectly fine socially and culturally. While this man I spoke to tonight thought that being a trophy wife is someone hard to get but many wouldn't mind losing an arm or a leg just to take it home.


Still, unless you've got a big house or it will be a waste of space to display your trophy(ies) *chuckle*


Anonymous said...

You go girl!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Kim, we go girls!