Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Onion Chicken Soup

The Onion and Chicken Soup mummy made at home has always been one of my favourite. I've never once made that here in Melbourne because I was too dumb to know which onion to use - the white, the red or the yellow? Being the biggest procrastinator on earth, I always had forgotten to ask mummy whenever I'm on the phone with her, up till Sunday. I was doing part of my grocery shopping and I felt like Onion and Chicken Soup.

I made the call to mummy while staring at the various kind of onions on display. Onion shallot was it, hmm... not like one of the three that I've expected. Lemongrass was another secret ingredient to add some flavour to the soup, and my mum was right. Having to remove the skin of about 40 onion shallots wasn't an easy job, at least not for a first-timer like myself. Having to taste what I've been missing for a long time, however, had made the effort all worthwhile.

If you guys favour the pungent smell and taste of onion, I seriously recommend you to make this soup at home. It's not only yummy, easy to make, it also helps take away the wind in your stomach, especially during the colder months. I don't know about the others but I always get bloated gassy stomach during winter, for some unknown reasons. I stupidly suppose that it is because the wind's strong and I talk a lot, that's how the wind gets in me *chortle*

I've been trying very hard to eat-in more these days to save some dough, looks like it's working pretty well. Excuse me for the occasional eat out as cooking and eating alone at home isn't easy, trust me. Like the fried rice I made was a failure (first time though), a tad too sweet and not spicy enough, yet there's only me and myself to finish them up, pffftt! I feel like yamcha-ing again today, damn!

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