Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Heart Chicken Rice

A large hole in my pocket and dark eye circles are what's left with me after the massive long party weekend. Ops, not to forget the good times that I enjoyed with my chums that can still put a smile on my fatigued face. As I was telling Keat, "regardless of how bad we feel now (after nearly 40-hours of no sleep), you'll miss all the good times we had together when you look back in the future."

I sure do. It's not easy to find a group of friends who take pleasure in partying like yourself and at the same time take care of each other in our individual ways. As I've always told my friends, I'm seriously very passionate about having fun.Been intoxicated most of the hours on this holy Easter weekend - Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter's Eve, the whole of Easter and even Easter Monday. How much shit my body is capable of consuming? How many hours can I live without food and sleep? It's amazing to know that after 24 hours of partying (36 waking hours), I could still jump around and put in the effort to try to enjoy the party, I didn't know I can do that. Thank goodness my skin hasn't been affected much, phewww... I was so worry that at least a few pimples would drop by to say hello.For the four days long weekend, I had spent three lunches at Jackie's for yamcha. I am totally hooked on dim sum and there's no better place to go than this new favourite restaurant of mine in the city. On my third visit yesterday, Violet teased me and suggested that I should just move in to Jackie's and save on my rent; I don't welcome visitors everyday during lunch and dinner hours though!

Had a really lazy day today. Besides making soup (I believe it helps improve my skin, especially when I'm living such unhealthy lifestyle to the extreme), I hardly had any energy to cook something up for myself. Because we were suppose to have Hainanese Chicken Rice for dinner last night and the first thing I heard of in the afternoon when I got up from Violet was Hainanese Chicken Rice again, I was craving for that today. After much comtemplation, I had take-away from Raffles Place. It's been almost a century that I've eaten at this favourite chicken rice restaurant and there were several changes - the reposition of the cashier and the price on the menu. Everything had went up a little but I don't quite care as long as they keep up to their standard of good chicken rice and Chye Tow Kuey (Carrot Cake). The owner recognized me and was nice enough to give me a discount, hence I was still paying the old price. Well, it was only a few dollars difference actually but it's always these small little things that make your day, if you get what I mean.

Can't believe it's mid-week and I've not started on the assignments that I'm suppose to finish before Monday. I hate myself when I procrastinate. I hate myself for being so chilled at times. I hate myself for knowing the problem but not taking any action.

Hmmm... let's no think about it now. I shall have another serve of my chicken rice while I watch some bad TV.

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