Saturday, April 28, 2007

The End is the Beginning of A Beginning!

I was drinking since I got up today, believe it or not. I got woken up by the future-Mrs-Lay, thirty minutes before I was supposed to get up to meet up with Sasha. Obviously, I didn't have time to make food for myself and I was drinking before anything else reached my stomach. I was smashed. Smashed, big time.

However, the shopaholic with the huge spendthrift streak in her went shopping. Booohooo... I spent and abused the plastic card (for once only, thank god) and got something that I don't remember now. Doesn't matter. I can always return it if I want but I've got a strong feeling that I'll love it. Anyways, had the biggest meal ever at Raffles Place - Fried Carrot Cake, Chow-Kuey-Teow, and a whole chicken to ourselves.

Went to my favourite cocktail heaven - Ginger for drinks with the Twins and Jevon. Had such a great time but my phone couldn't stop ringing. From the family and other friends. It was AT LEAST 15 calls through out the 120 minutes, damn it! Why can't I have a quiet night?

I ended up at Lavish for sure. All of them were there and I was abso-fucking-lutely flattered by the fact that, they were waiting for me. Now I have to admit that, yes, I am the regular. Fuck, with the capital F! Had such great time at my regular hangout place (apparently) and... got smashed for the second time of the day. Ronnie the bartender didn't stop giving me free-STRONG-drinks when the boys weren't buying, pffftt! Not like the boys had ever stop getting me hogging the bar with them.

Moving back... while me, Jevon and Jo were in the car, my old-skool Furtado came on and it was All good things (come to an end). We were asking ourselves, why? Jev - cause God is playing games with us. Lucky Lynn - without the end, I won't know how to appreciate the beginning; with the end, I'll make sure that I'll put in effort to make sure that it doesn't come to an end; the end is the beginning of the great beginnings. Jev was enlightened.

Hence, sweethearts, lets be positive and dive in to the wonderful aspects of life. Without the sunlight, there won't be darkness.


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