Sunday, April 22, 2007

Process vs. Outcome

My weekend started on Thursday. I've to admit that I've been a little slacked academically, embarrassing but true. My partying hours for the past few days are in fact longer than my sleeping hours. If you wonder how I can do it, ask my friends who are slightly older than me, and are working full time, long hours! They are amazing *hat off*

I've been spending too much money on food and drinks and... disappointed with myself.

Had an early night tonight, yet I'm wide awake. Badly dehydrated from all the late nights. Been texting with the KL animals. Eileen had became an alkie, a bottle of wine by herself before heading to Velvet. Eleana believed me that I was discreetly back in KL. Steven texted me to tell me that he's intoxicatedly missing me. Rodney and Michael are the biggest loser, NATO - No Action, Talk Only, puiiiii!!!

Been home for 90 minutes and I'm still not undressed and washed up. Physically I'm worn-out but mentally I'm hyperactive, can't think straight though.

Was delighted to receive an overseas call today, totally out of expectation. Like it always happens, good things come when you don't expect. But... how good can that be when it doesn't lead you to any outcome? What are all these for? Some said it's the process that matters most, not the outcome. I don't know if I buy that idea yet I can't help but wonder...

Will you still enjoy the process when you already knew the outcome is nothing?


TheWriter2006 said...

When u know the outcome is nothing, u can still enjoy the process because there's always hope for a positive outcome and sometimes the process is more fun than the outcome! so just enjoy it, but dont go nuts over it and start acting desperate ;-)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

was blog hopping and hopped over to urs..ur partying life definitely reminds me of my uni i wish i was still studying..

well as for the answer to ur sure is the outcome = nothing? after all it depends on the process doesnt?

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Writer, you know me, obsessive crazy b*tch.

Craver, I guess uni life is the best years in life for most people. Maybe you're right, I won't know the outcome if I don't even try or perhaps... I was trying to prepare myself for the worst.

Greg said...

I saw your post about your dad. Would you like to contribute a story to my new book about father-daughter relationships? Details are on my page. Thanks!

Gregory E. Lang