Friday, April 13, 2007

Who's The One?

Dinner at Sung's Kitchen yet again for Siew Poh's birthday, the casual version. The real celebration will be on next Saturday and am looking forward to that. We've all been eating at Sung's Kitchen too often off late, everyone is getting sick of the food. Frankly speaking, their signature Beggars Chicken (that you've to pre-order) disappointingly didn't taste good at all last night, however, the XO Sauce Crocodile Meat was fabulous - meat was cooked to perfect tenderness covered in zesty xo sauce. Couldn't help myself from attacking the dish over and over again. As I was at the same time craving for something sweet, desserts were of course a must-order. I've always love their lengthy selection of desserts, a great sweet selection that are exotic yet authentic. My current favourite has to be the Toffee Apple, yum... and the jelly that comes with the complimentary Pumpkin Sticky Rice Cake was something new and of course, delicious.

Service was as usual, very good and friendly, especially Gary's boyfriend. Besides for us getting sick of the place and food, and the disappointing Beggars chicken, everything at Sung's is still good. Just that I need a break from it, but my friends love it so much *sigh*

After dinner, met up with the others for some drinks and the twins taught me to play Bridge. They were extremely patient with me, as you guys would know, I'm such a dumb bitch. I, however, surprisingly picked the game up pretty quickly, especially the guessing-who-my-partner-is part. I'm not that dumb after all *giggle* The game is quite fun and definitely very addicitve, guess it's going to be sessions after sessions of Bridge whenever we're meeting up in the future, and I need to learn to master the skill of card-control.

I really like the thrill of getting confused and having to guess who's my partner; and getting frustrated when your partner doesn't recognize you. And there's a fair chance where one only realizes who is the one only at the end of the game. Often too late but there's always the next game. Try harder next time

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