Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Belated Easter

Happy Belated Easter! Can't believe I've forgotten to wish everyone until three days later. Although I don't celebrate Easter myself, but I totally love this day as it gives us some extra days off.

I'm so broke that I don't even have enough money to pay my rent next month *sigh* Blame them all on the long weekend, all the going out and partying hard. To make things worse, I went shopping with the girls on Saturday, like I would never learn my lesson. Nevertheless, I needed to stock up my stockings for the colder months, after having too many pairs got burnt by cigarette butts in the clubs. Also got my daily Calvin Klein bra on clearance with a 25 bucks saving, a tube cotton dress for 6 dollars (what a bargain!) and a full price parka in army which is really comfy and cool.

Violet was a good shopping partner, although I always love shopping solo, as she is more sensible and price-conscious so she'll stop me from splurging unnecessarily, what a relief! I love the way she rolled her eyes when I want to buy something extra, just too funny. Whatever it was, I guess my purchases are way better than her patent-hooker-shoes!

Back to being broke, I don't even have the money to go for my holidays, damn! I've bought my tickets to Queenstown in August last week. Tickets are booked, payment are made and there's no turning back. Accomodation, car rental and ski hire will cost me another sum of money, god... can someone let me win the tattslotto, seriously? Not to mention my Hawaii and Tasmania trip in June, and June's wedding in KL.

On a another note, as I was camping at Keat and Ken's on Sunday arvo, I obviously would make myself comfortable in my trackies, bare face and GLASSES. We were at the balcony, chilling, talking, then Ken stared at me hard before he told me that I looked very different in glasses. I said I know, I look very studious. He then nodded and said...


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