Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Give Me a Massage

While Berger re-appeared in my SATC season six rerun, another Birger who had left this country for almost half a year now had sent me a text. I wouldn't say I liked him much but he's in actual fact a good man. And for a friend who remembers you from the other side of the globe, that's very sweet indeed.

Had been hearing from many old friends off late. Nothing to do with the occasion, merely to say hi. This week it was Danny and Birger. I can't help but to feel bad for not putting in enough effort to be in touch with these people, who had definitely played a part in my life. I just carelessly let them slipped away. Believe it or not, Danny's 2006 birthday gift is still sitting at the corner next to my TV and you know what? His birthday is coming up again in two weeks time, pfffttt!

I'm feeling terrible from the lack of sleep, physically and mentally, I'm serious. It reminds me of those The One days where I slept for about 4-5 hours a night for up to two weeks, rushing up all the sketching, mock-ups, designs, the last minute work that I've not done for the past 13 weeks and was rushing them off in the last two weeks of the semester. I was like a walking zombie then but it feels nothing like today. Guess all these round-the-clock partying and dancing for hours with no rest are taking its toll on me. Having to rush off those overdue assignments aren't helping in any positive way.

Violet called in the evening and I told her that I was dead tired, that I can hardly move. She didn't understand and asked if I was having sex with my assignments?

"Yes, indeed. These assignments are fucking me hard. I'm fucked!"

So much for not doing my work for the past four weeks, serve me just right. As I've always said about others, as well as to myself - I chose the path myself, I suffer the consequences. No complains, no regrets. That's all for today, I shall just crash and have an early start tomorrow.

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