Sunday, April 01, 2007

She's Da Bomb!

Not very often at all that I can say no to invitation to fun, especially on a Saturday night. Looks like I'm really a changed woman *glee* Said no to nice dinner with decent wine with Milyn, which in a way we had promised each other - I couldn't allow any more alcohol in me. Said no to good chinese dinner at the same time in the name of anti-social mode and lazy to eat, I know, what the f*ck? Said no to Andrew's suggestion of getting take-out as I couldn't quite decide on what to eat, ended up making my own pasta. Said no to Keat to party; and York after apparently knowing me for 15 years and this was the first time he asked me out, whatever!

I've to get some things done by Monday, heaps of them before Easter. Yet I'm still in the lazy mode *surprise surprise* On MSN with Wendy now, pouring our hearts out for the first time. Nothing too emotional but honestly, pretty private. I've known this chick for the longest time, since I was a kid maybe. He's my brother's friend and none of us had expected that we can be so open to each other, the alcohol maybe? Why haven't I seen this side of her? The bold, daring and straight-forward side of her? I love this chick! Oh yeah, I've broken the rule of not drinking alone at home, all Wendy's fault but sweet, I'm loving you more!

Yesterday went on well, everything was great, as far as I know. What I haven't already know shouldn't be too bad *fingers crossed* Looks like things are falling into places for me, phew... Hopefully these will lead me to somewhere, somewhere bright and nice with glitters all over. I've already gotten myself a very promising job from Jevon - he said when he starts his business, he will hire me, all I need is to be his Paris Hilton. Call me shallow but look, that's in some ways my dream job okay? Look pretty pretty, smell sexy sexy, socialize nicely, drink and get tipsy, boooohoooo!

Excuse me but I don't need the home videos though.

Back to serious, things are all good for me and I've learnt to say no to temptations tonight. Staying home on the weekend is not hard, but having your mates inviting you to places you love was indeed very hard. I managed to do it, regardless of how much I wanted to go out. It was the right decision, having most of my research done, my sheets changed, two loads of laundry finished, and saved some moolah.

Been having the very rare indecisive day today - can't decide for god's sake for anything. From what to wear to what to have for dinner; what to drink to where to park. Gosh, freaking annoying. Can't believe June's not in Melbourne for two weeks. You know how it's like to miss someone only when someone's not around, this is exactly what happened. I didn't know June played such an important role till it was Thursday, I finished shopping and it was raining. I was alone and needed to talk and realized my goss-buddy's not in the country, darn! How sad is that? Very. I've got many other girlies with me but everyone is different, you get what I mean?

June, get your arse back to Melbourne. Weather's getting better (colder) and what's better than to be snuggling in my oh-so-comfy bed while hanging on the phone with you, over some never-ending stories. Get home, quick!

The women (plural) are officially tipsy and funny. We're giving each other advices on different aspects in life. Because of her real-life fairy tale, she's giving me some sort of hope that things could be different, if I want it to be. But...

are there so many fairy tales around for us here?

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