Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Others

Our current hit - all go crazy on the dance floor when it comes on, specially dedicated to Miss Violet (the crazy b*tch). I've finally got the album, not Dukes of Windsor's though, got 2007's One Love instead. 06's was better, or perhaps I've not really drown myself into the music of this year's yet. We'll see.

Also got some knitted tops and cardigans from Supre and Country Road, temperature is dropping, reasons for shopping. I am broke hence I had no choice but to abuse the plastic card. Opsss... it's April though. Came home and my shopping bags were consisted of black and lots of grey and navy pieces, hmmm... how predictable?! Then I realized these are what I've been missing for the past winters, I went for colours, notwithstanding it's fall, winter, spring or summer, differences are on the thickness of my jackets and the amount of layers. Mind me, I wear open toes during winter but sorry, strictly boot-less during summer, so wrong!

At the same time it made you recognized the fact that, you get what you've paid for. Compared the quality and cut from both store, I understood why I am willing to pay three times the price at the second store. Well, the better ones are for casual wear, the rest you won't feel sad if you lose them in club.

One night, a friend of a friend came up to me and said...

"it's gonna be winter soon and you're still in so many colour"

Excuse me, missy, was it too glaring for you? Put on the shades and you look perfect for a funeral. At that point, I was having my time of my life and I couldn't care less...

"oh yeah, I always like colours"

At least I've my own style and won't kill myself to get the attention, or try to look depressed? WTF? Oh well, a little desperate!

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