Thursday, April 05, 2007

Indian Dream

I've this awful weird dream, that has woken me up merely after a six-hour snooze. Sorry folks, some parts are pretty disgusting, and some are pretty stupid and some parts have been forgotten.

I was in India, with I-don't-remember-who, shopping at a market. A friend of mine came out from the toilet with a packet of medication, handed back to this Indian girl. I later found out that those pills were to treat vaginal thrush (I know it's disgusting). I, right there and then, realized that I've got it too (yeah, WTF?!). I went up to that Indian girl, asked for direction to the toilet, grabbed the box of medication and headed straight to the toilet.

When I got there, my god... the toilet was god-damn filthy. Most cubicles had no flush hence shit was floating placidly in the almost spilling toilet bowls. There, however, had heaps and heaps of cubicles. I had this stupid idea of peeing in to the wash basin to avoid the shit but there weren't doors and I didn't feel comfortable doing so. I kept walking in to the toilet and I finally saw some cubicles that were acceptably dirty with a plastic curtain to cover myself, hmmph... still unhappy with that.

I needed to pee very badly, so badly that I've decided to pee at this corner, where there were trees (okay, I had rather peed at trees than into toilet bowls, how uncivilized?). While I was peeing, there was this alien looking girl who was taking my picture at some corner. I got really panicked and angry so I chased after her. I spoke to her for a long time, making up stories about how I came from the UK, to re-structure the laws here in this feral land (even human started to look like animals to me then). She, for some strange reasons, believed me totally and had given me all her films, which looks like some white powder packeted in some 3cm x 3cm kinda plastic zip bag (how interesting?).

I don't quite remember what happened after that but some scenes of a large swimming pool, some familiar faces that I don't remember who they are now, some things happened, apparently a lot of things happened, that the photographer was punished the death penalty. I don't quite remember what happened but I do remember there were some disgusting cruel action there but, she was still alive. She was then presented in front of this green grimy alien looking creature with a long trunk, that I don't remember or understand what they were trying to do to her.

I wasn't too afraid of that green creature though, but I got woken up not long after. So that was my dream and I'm disturbed. I need more sleep!!!


Anonymous said...

And i thought i was the only one who had the most bizarre dreams...
YAY! i found a friend in you.. ooh ooh ooh.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Whoa... trust me with my weird dreams. Even the dream dictionary can't help us I guess.

Elizebeth D.L. said...

That is one hell lot of intersting stories in your dream!!!

I am interested at how you bullshit to the girl that took the picture of you peeing. hahaha... :p maybe she is alien.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

I've missed out lotsa details, like I saw corpse. I have weird dreams all the time, but I usually forget about it not long after I woke up. That's why this time I grabbed my laptop straight away.

Noto said...

Hey~ dun forget im still in india hor~ i'll bring u some pics nx time... let u c har~ u might be having a dejavu over my life here~ hahaha