Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mid-week Blathering

Maybe I should invest some money into seeing a hypnotherapist, to save myself from wanting to head out for some retail therapy. But is my situation that critical? I really don't know. All I know is that from the moment I got up, all I could think of are dresses, shoes and more dresses *breathe in, breathe out. Hard and slow*

Our mid-week catch-up-over-a-few-drinks had indeed turned out to be another big night out *surprise surprise*; from the four of us girls turned out to be a big group of us and some young cute cousins of a friend; from souvlaki at Stalactites to desserts and ports at Grossi Florentino; from going home early to playing Buzz at Charm's while everyone had slowly turned slow and funny. What a great night.

It's confirmed that I'm the bimbo. I'm so dumb and I love being the loser in Buzz! In fact, I feel like playing that now. Didn't get a good sleep last night, funny enough. What usually puts me to deep deep sleep had in fact left me with lotsa tossing and turning while my mind was in semi-consciousness. Not a pleasant feeling to wake up in the noon feeling lethargic and grumpy *frown*

You know how I've mentioned in one of my entries that there are friends that you can't get too much of? I've currently having a friend who I cannot get too much of. He's a great friend with great personality, easy going and is able to get along with basically anyone, everyone. I love taking him out as I don't need to babysit him and he is capable to generate conversation with anyone but I just can't have this person too much in my life. He sometimes annoys me, he sometimes cheers me up; at times he makes me laugh, then gets on my nerves badly; I've recently had some very good time with him, but he had done something that had totally pissed me off. I need a break from this person *roll eyes*

I'm the loser who have a problem with saying no.

Can someone give me some money to shop? The bug's in me!


Noto said...

ermm... u wait for another 3 years la... when i graduated... i'll sponsor u some lor~ *wink*

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Boy, I can't wait. I need it NOW!