Thursday, April 19, 2007


One of the many things that I enjoy at home is coming out of the hot shower, get changed into my cleaned and comfy nightie, grab a bowl and have some hearty hot soup that you've left it boiling for the past three hours. Tonight, I made sweet corn and chicken soup, another all-time favourite of Lucky Lazy Lynn.

Was chit-chatting with my beautician today, as we always do. Found out that she had broken up with the take-her-around-Asia boyfriend. That was a bit of a surprise for me, as the last time I had my brazilian was about five weeks ago, and our conversation that day was about touring South East Asia. From Jakarta to Penang, Koh Samui to Hanoi; her boyfriend owns some business and had been taking her with him to all these places, both for work and holiday. She loved the travelling, she loved the asian culture, she loved the shopping, she loved the food, she loved going on holiday. Sounded perfect. At that point of time, I was thinking to myself, when am I gonna find a boyfriend as such?

Holidays, I want. Shopping, I heart. Food, I love. Everything paid for, I need.

This afternoon, I asked her when is her next trip. They have broken up was the answer. I'm sorry. She looked fine, she seemed fine. He is an alcoholic who gets violent on occasions, both verbally and physically. She finally bailed out after being with him for two years. Geez... what took her so long? But I'm glad that she had finally saw the light. Rather be wasting the two years, than your future twenty years.

As well, she told me he had became a tight-arse at the end of their relationship. I wonder, did the real him surface, or did she finally opened up her eyes and see through the mask? Apparently, he was taking AUD350 rent from her while they were living together, and found out that he's only taking AUD170 from the current girlfriend. I don't know how true is that but if it's true, he's such an idiot.

There are some TAB (Tight Arse Bastard) in my history book for sure, who I thought they were totally unacceptable. I've got a minimum requirement for men and TABs are a big No-No. These TAB should just stay at home and not come near us women, we're poisonous and you'll be cursed badly. Disgusting, these people are just so... ugggghh!!! Poignantly, these TABs are all over the place and there's nothing much we can do except for...

when you see one, turn, run and warn the rest of the world about it


Anonymous said...

hahahaha the last line of this post is marvellous.

yes i dated one for two years as well. extremely physically and emotionally abusive, uber-tight-arsed, with an utterly appalling character. In fact, i have trouble finding descriptive words for him, i have to use sounds.
Ugh Blegh kapOoOi!

thank almighty heavens we're through.

Anonymous said...

my ultimate TAB moment is still the 25c banana incident...hurhurhur!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Kim, thank god it's past tense! Sometimes I just don't understand, what were we thinking??!!

Steph, 25c banana is definitely the ultimate TAB I've met, thank god he didn't practice his TABness on me or I could've spat on him.

Anonymous said...

I had a TAB many years ago, before I met my hubby.

That TAB, upon breaking up, immediately asked me to return his laptop that he has lent to me 2 weeks ago. At that point, I finally see his real face. Really a TAB.

Unknown said...

hmmm.. let me think... hei..I've dated a tab too!! for 4 years!! but lucky me, only found out after we broke off.. phewww !!

su-ann said...

OMG I'll hail to that babe! Isn't it funny that we (and I mean me) are brilliant at spotting them out to friends, but some how they manage to lurk their ways into our lives and there's like a slight delay in picking them out when they're a tad close to home? If I get an inkling these days, I'll literally bolt and disappear, moochers = NoNo.

Have an awsome weekend babe xox

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Sisters, guess we've all been there, done that, just hope that we'll open our eyes bigger in the future.

My weekend is going to be a big one as I've already had a big night on Thursday.

Weekend here we come, let's rock!!!