Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thread Count

I don't know about others but thread count matters to me. You know how you're in bed enjoying that brief interval between your 8th and 9th dream, then your bare leg sweeps across your doona and you feel the roughness of the nanometer gap on your sheets brushing against your freshly waxed leg. I will then reluctantly get woken up and unable to fall back to my 9th dream, totally annoying!

I've always been a bedsheets-fussy person, both thread counts and design. But when I first came to Melbourne, due to financial restriction, my bedsheets are mostly from Ikea and Target and some random ones from Saveway. I'll have to say they weren't the worst but they weren't very pleasurable either. Things got better when my mum came with my old sheets during her visits and I've slowly gave away the shitty ones, except for two sets.

One from Target as it was my first sets of sheets in Melbourne - sentimental value maybe. This one is still not too bad in quality but the design of it, hm... no comment. The reason for me to keep the other one from Ikea was because of it's design, I totally love the colour and print of it but it was totally unpleasant to have your face brushed against the pillow case, let alone your legs. Everytime, like this morning and yesterday morning, when I got that prickly feelings from the sheet, I would tell myself that this is the last time I'm going to put this on, they'll be in the Salvation Army bins next week. Yet, it never happened, it still survives through the spinnings in the washer, followed by the heat from the dryer, then sits patiently and attractively on my shelves, waiting for her next round to conquer my bed.

Well, I suppose that's pretty common for everyone. Things that you don't wanna give away; feelings that you hold on to; deception that you choose to believe; beliefs that you don't wanna let go of; relationships that you're unwilling to give up. In fact, you should, we should, I should free ourselves by learning to walk away. My dear (you should know who you are), as I've told you this evening, how can you get a new man when you're still holding on to your old one, who you are not even in love with?

Actually, who am I to give you this piece of advice when I'm pacing in the same circle?

Back to my sheets. Now that I've got a strict control on the new ones that I've gotten recently, I guess I'll still keep the shitty ones till, maybe I've a good reason for disposal, lack of space perhaps. Selfishly saying, emotionally, I would love to preserve what's in heart till there's a good enough reason for me to get rid of it. Afterall, I've got a big heart that can fit a lot of stuff. So, why not?


mIcHeLe said...

1000 count is the ideal thread. And egyptian cotton is expensive but the best.

mIcHeLe said...
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Anonymous said...

we only buy bedsheets with 300 & above thread counts. Esprit bedsheets are pretty good.

lynn, just donate it and never look back.

Eleana just called me...will get my friend to collect ur stuffs.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

I agree with you girls, Eyptian is the greatest but I can't afford 1000 count. I buy 300 and above.

June, thanks a lot for the help. I'm still not ready to let go, give me some time, hihi...

su-ann said...

Thread count is indeed essential for bedding, personally I find 1000 a little too crease-y for my liking, but anything above 300 is always good. Or Calvin Klein's combed cotton sheets are divine as well :) I'm a stickler for matching bedsheets as well, or at least be colour co-ordinated in a pretty way.

Elizebeth D.L. said...

i love bedsheets too.
I always buy few new bedsheets when I am back at KL. Those ones selling here is really cheapo, they don't even have the spring at 4 edges to help us make the bed. I have even checked with brands like Aussino over here. No luck.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Deisy, I can't believe Shanghainese/Chinese don't use fitted sheet!!!

Su-ann, I get upset when they are not colour co-ordinated.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Seems like many people from back where I come from post ehre:) I am also frantically looking for Aussino here. My sis-in-law from Singapore bought me one set of their doona cover and pillow cover sets and they are the BEST -feeling material ever! Where can I get any online when I am in Australia? Any advice most appreciated. Or any other brands avail. here in Aus. which is as as Aussiono is with comparable prices will be great too. Thanks. My email is if anyone care to share. Please subject it Aussino so I won't accidentally delete as junkmail.