Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cairns Part ll partially re-energize after some unsatisfying frozen chicken nuggets. I've errands to run yet I'm planting my fat arse on this couch, locked by my Baby. Am contemplating if I should reward my Baby a trip to Sunshine Coast with me since I'm gonna be travelling alone. Yes, I've made up my mind that I want to go alone, can't wait till tomorrow!

Let's get back to Cairns.

White water rafting was FUNNY! It leaves me with a laugh whenever I think of the superb punchline by Jo. Look, me and Jo only became friends during the trip. My comments on her - quiet. I'd been teasing her for the past few days with "Joanne, you're so COOL" with a funny face, that left her in irritation. She speaks little, however, one minute after our rafting adventure began, she goes "Lynn, paddle, stop scooping the water!" I burst into hysterical laughter. I was then placed on the front of the boat with Pei Wen not long before the guide told me to stop splashing water to my friend, who happened to be Jo (again)! It was sidesplitting, believe me. If you were there, you'd die laughing so hard that the boat would turn over. It made things funnier when we happened to get a Japanese guide who was wildly animated.

Port Douglas was awesome. My kind of place. Very resorty plus a hint of sophistication. The Sunday market was huge, with lotsa organic skincare and fresh food that caught my attention. Other than that, it's just a market.

Pei Wen and I at Port Douglas.

After an hour and a half sleep after the WC (I was ecstatic after the match), being the 'never-on-time' Lynn woke every f*cking one up in the apartment. We are going for a ride on the Skyrail and some RainForestation (I wasn't interested in vegetation to be honest). We spent almost 7 hours riding the skyrail and vessel; looking at those greens that I would never remember; meetings and greetings by the kangaroos and other wildlife; the aboriginal dances that freaked me out by that freaking tap on my shoulder.

Special moments of the day: my flight was delayed for 2.5 hours. It's not funny when you're dog-tired, without sufficient amount of pleasing food, stucked in an undersized airport with minimal outlets. After 2.5 hours of mind-numbing card games, teas after teas, brain-f*cked video recording, dim-witted soft toys teasing, I suffered another sleepless 3-hour-plus on board with two pigs next to me.

When I finally dragged my arse off the cab at 3am, I was pathetically knackered and ravenous. I swear I wouldn't fly Jetstar again; yet my JQ flight is at 10 tomorrow, god... You better be on time, it's not funny to get stucked in the airport ALONE for hours.

Cannavaro is so cute! I really don't mind shorter guys, never!

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