Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cairns Part l

Thoughts in my head on Day 5 of my trip: I miss Melbourne's good food. I miss the cold. Miss my bed. Miss my pillow. I've no money.

Don't get me wrong, there ain't complains of the trip (oh yes, there are). The trip was funky, that leaves everyone happy. Only complain - Cairns is too touristy, I prefer somewhere with more local hangouts/eateries. But then again, what am I talking about? It's Cairns! There were Japanese all over the place. Thanks to them, there's a small little Louis Vuitton in the city! (like it matters to me)

Food was bad. We've been trying our very best to ask the locals where they usually eat to get a taste of it. The local-eateries-quest ends up in disappointment for everyone. Fine seafood - certified unsatisfactory, and costed me 97 bucks. I don't mind paying 194 dollars for good fares in Melbourne but 2Fish didn't do the job.

All we got from the Cairns-ean (is there such a word?) was "oh, you can't compare the food here with Melbourne's".

I dived twice, introductory ones. I'm determined to get my diver's license by this year. My only problem is to deal with sea sickness (I chucked twice on the boat, but there are heaps of others who shared the pain with me so I wasn't embarrassed). It was amazing down under, surreal and eye-opening. It wasn't as beautiful as I thought it was (brochures gave me false expectation!): insufficient of colourful fishes and corals. I was told Asian's seas are much better. Anyways, for a first-time dummy like me, it was great. I even had a picture with Nemo

Highlight of the trip: four bungy jumps in a day. It was addictive, trust me. I wasn't afraid at all till I was at the edge of the tower, 20 seconds before my first jump. The feeling of falling down from the tower was beyond words. I personally think to overcome the fear was to trust - knowing that you'll be perfectly safe jumping down from the seven-storey tower. Once I was welcomed by earth again, I knew I'm running up to the tower again for the back dive (cramps was what I got from the runnings of the crazy steps), followed by tandem and elevator. Boys and girls, words of advice - I was told if you are to jump, jump with AJ Hackett only as the other companys have got death records (tsk tsk tsk...) I've bought the DVD of my own jumps and Minjin with Jev and Rob, as well as the bungy rope (part of the actual rope). These are gonna travel back to KL soon to meet my parents.

"Bungy jumping is so dangerous! Diving is not a good idea either, there are sharks and underwater current!" My dad is so cute!

I'm so going to jump from the roof the next time!

To be continued...


tracy said...

fun fun fun!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

yeah, wish it doesn't stop!