Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wannabe raids Noosa

Solo trip to the glamourous Noosa tomorrow, can't wait. I enjoy travelling alone to be honest - no waiting for others, no compromises, no hassle. Do whatever I like, go wherever I fancy, eat anything that I feel like, sleep as much as I wish. However, a friend L wants to fly up to see me over the weekend. It's really sweet of L, yet I'm not sure if I'm ready for an 'intruder' to my self-indulgent weekend.

Look, I've settled on abusing my parent's plastic card for some pampering that I think I deserve. In return, I consent the coming abuse from my mum when she sees the bill.

I've book an almost 5-stars hotel, Sebel, which is located right smacked in the middle of the glitzy Hasting Street (the most glamorous street in Noosa!!!).

I've just found out last night that Noosa has more to offer than I've expected. It's the Toorak/Double Bay of Queensland, according to one of the past article. Are you kidding me?

I'm out to look good for the coming 5 days, I have to, I want to, I need to, I'm looking forward to.

I'm gonna spend quality time with myself, indulge in good food and spas, spend all the time I want at the beach, skydive if weather allows, raid the Eumundi Market, and maybe go down to Brisbane for a night, if L is not down.

I'm in fact very much looking forward to tomorrow. Noosa... here I come! Berardo's... wait for me!

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