Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Get over it, Mr. Sham...

There are friends who you suppose to have abandoned you some time ago, just re-appear when you need support (or they think I needed some).

There are friends who are always there (though they are miles away) for you when you needed an ear.

There are friends who you can never get them when you need them, but would only hear from them when they need you.

There are friends who you don't see for years, but absence makes the heart grows fonder.

There are friends who you think they take you only as acquaintance but would yell in your face and goes "Lynn, you're our friend, f'ck SS, we love you!", for the sake of making you feel comfortable being around.

There are friends who secretly hates you but they still want to hang around with you because they've no other friends.


I've got a phone call from KL from R just to check if I'm doing okay, who hasn't been calling for quite some time. I later found out that my best friend, Fern (bitch - but I still love you!!!) was telling some fib to him for some unrevealable reasons. What happened next was that he got really concerned about me, he started bugging Fern to ask about me and soon after I received his call. Hm... I am not too surprise that he calls, but am surprise that he cares so much. This is a friend for keep. Thanks for not being upset with me for what I've done to you. I know I was such a bitch to you.

Got a sms then followed by a mail from my cousin in HK, the regular updates of our life. I truly love this cousin, and I do miss her, when are you flying down to Melbourne? I've not seen you for god-knows how many years.

Another cousin, Wi-Liam, has just broken up with the girlfriend. Why worry, Doc? You can get any girls you want anytime, Doc! I understand your situation, besides the lack of tolerable food, there's also lack of alluring lass in India (it makes me laugh). Unlike here, we get world class yummy fare, ultra-sexy hunks that... erm... I should just shut up, right?


There's a friend ex of mine who is currently upset with all his friends because they love me for who I am. Whether you like it or not, you fell in love with me too, in the past. But you know what, I don't think your friends will fall out of love with me like you did(n't) because they are not as insecure, as controlling, as pretentious, as personality-less, and as niggling as you are. They love hanging out with me, Mr. Personality-less, simply because they love me, as much as I love them. We do not pretend to be who we're not, like I always say: you get what you see. We genuinely love each others' company, don't get too jealous on these issues, bad for your well-being.

No point showing us your wok-bottom-face and your anger to everyone (and make yourself the laughing stalk instead), because we don't really care! I know you hate me, you must be thinking that I've been manipulating all these behind your back. If I do, you should be proud that you've such an intelligent and influential ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, I did not, I'm not that gifted. If I was any smarter, I wouldn't have got tricked in to falling in love with a sham like yourself.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling regretful or anything. In fact, I'd like to dedicate this part of the blog to you:

Thanks for the happy times.
Thanks for the soppy times.
Thanks for making me realize I can be so much in love.
Thanks for making me believe that I'm capable of looking for my own fairy tale.
Thanks for the break up because I deserve someone better.
Thanks for the break up that makes me and my friends closer.
Thanks for putting in the effort to be Mr. Personality in front of my family months after we've broken up (who and why are you trying to impress by the way?)
Thanks for introducing me to your wonderful friends!

Now we're over, centuries ago. You just gotta accept the fact that I'm hanging out with your friends. Stop assuming that I've no friends that I've to stick around with your friends. Don't jump off your pathetic wobbly chair when you finally find out that they are the one who call/sms/email me and ask me out most of the time. Don't throw your tantrum on your current sweetheart knowing that I go out with them more often than you think we do. Don't choke on the fact that even your friends thinks I was too good for you. Please hold on to your eye balls from coming loose from the sockets knowing that I've been hearing heaps of negative assessment of you from your friends.

Words of advice: If you still want to keep them as friends, stop being a child and be nice. Accept the unchangeable fact and live with it. Reply your instant messages and emails. Stop getting jealous of your friends. And scrap that whole "your friend/my friend" off that immature mind.

Shares the value of life not compete for the value of life.

Wish you well, my dear Mr. Personality-less.


Unknown said...

You are pissed!!!...shame on you Mr Personality-less...LOL

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

I was pissed, not anymore now. I think it's my daily entertainment to have a good laugh about him. More news about him when I see you, how interesting...

Anonymous said...

oooo~ finally i can come here d~
n also found out y da past few days i couldnt read my super-charming n lovely cousin's blog ler.. da india government banned blogspot ler... heard tat somebody uses it to do some illegal stuff wor.. mayb spreading of some rumours qua... having kinda of some WAR here in india~ hahahaha luckily im in some isolated small lil' town... <--- da only advantage now i think~ aihhh... sei mou....

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Noto, how can you get to read the blogs now?