Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Going Solo IV : In short...

I've been back for almost a week, I've to quickly wrap up my entries on my trip. I may be unwilling to do so as my heart is still wandering off instead of settling back in Melbourne and sticking my nose to my never-ending course readings.

Haven't been feeling too good for the past few days, guess the 'chi' is not exactly right at the moment. Caught Pirates of the Caribbean II and My Super Ex-Girlfriend alone in the cinema for the past two nights. Yes, I went alone, just needed some 'me-time', didn't feel like seeing anyone. Jess was asking if I'm okay, or am I just getting hooked to the sensation of the solitude.

There are so much going on on the weekend, er... to be precise, since Wednesday, a day after I return to Melbourne. All the catching up drinks, drunken nights with falling on the street, I-don't-wanna-club-ended-up-clubbing-till-four weekends. Shopping with the fun-loving girlies and coffee followed by nice dinner at Shoya on Saturday (I'm suppose to be on budget!!!). The hanging out on cold rainy Sunday.

I've been a good girl so far, attending my classes (which is only yesterday but I know I'll make my presence in every class) and eating in a lot (I'm going to eat out tonight, somewhere nice, hooray!). I need to get my lazy arse off my couch and go for Yoga classes (that's what I need).

Now that I'm not going to Queenstown, due to the crazy transit times of the 'left over' air tix, I guess maybe I could reward myself with something nice, I'm talking about getting the classic Chanel that I've been wanting. I get off focus always. Whenever I wanted to get it, I'd end up buying something else, knowing that the classic will always be sitting around in store waiting for me to take her home. On the other hand, I am also planning my next holiday in September. Was thinking of Japan but after the KL-girlies telling me how big the damage would be, I guess I can only afford a domestic holiday, and save the internationals for when I return to KL.


Let me finish up my trip updates before I wander off too far away.

Trip was awesome.

I was the idiot who no one else can be, am still is. I got to pay for my excess baggage on a domestic flight from Maroochydore to Melbourne! How ridiculous was that? Extremely. Don't get too worry, half of my luggage was taken up by the boxes of "Potty" Bob's. The other half was my clothes and the others of my new found treasures. I can't believe myself. And I can't believe my friends.

"Hey, you know what? I'd to pay for excess baggage with Jetstar! Ridiculous! I don't believe I've so much stuff for only five days!", I still did not believe.

"Not surprise..."

"What's new with Lynn?"

Sigh. SP goes "you're one person in my life that always come out with the most peculiar ideas, get in to trouble at the most unexpected times, ask the most bewildering questions that no one could answer, get injured uncannily and strike us with surprising moves that wouldn't surprise us anymore... so, I am not surprise, but is still amazed with the things that could happen to you, or rather you making them happen"

Trouble? Peculiar? What? Fine!

Injuries - I don't understand although it had happened to me for almost all my life, where do I get all these bruises on my legs/arms all the time? I'll also have to admit that I do get involved in some uncanny accidents, like ripping my toe nail off in my own toilet, that left a trail of blood back to my room after getting too wasted (it was quite funny actually); getting cut by knife when I wasn't even using it (this is bizarre, I know!); falling flat on my butt while trying to perform a flying kick ("you're comical", Jev). The list wouldn't end.

Oh my, I need want a holiday. I miss the Sebel's room, they were so beautiful. It was a suite, with kitchen, living and dining area, huge bathroom with separate bath and of course, the ultra-comfy bedroom, all to myself. And it was right smacked in the middle of Hasting Street, where people were beautiful (Melburnians are better though), food was good and the beach was just right across. I was almost in heaven, believe it or not.

Another good thing was that I got to have a lot of 'me-time' that I rarely get in Melbourne. As everyone know, I hang out too much here, don't get enough sleep knowing that I've a lot to do (like they are important) and also stray virtually too much. It's good to unwind and relax and take things slowly once in a while.

A couple of friends told me that they can never travel alone, they don't know what to do. My advise - you don't have to know what to do, you'll know when you know. Never say never. Be spontaneous. The best things happen when you don't actually plan. Trust me.

"Don't you feel lonely being alone?"

Ironically, you will never be alone while traveling alone


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