Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cairns, here I come!

Just a quick entry before I leave for all the pulsating activities in Cairns. Can't wait. After all the arguments, disagreements, shouting and yelling at each other, I'm finally going to Cairns with them. It's gonna be a good trip (well, if I'm to go, I'm gonna have fun)

Superman Returns was a total crap. Okay, it wasn't bad-bad but it was quite bad. I didn't expect much to begin with, you know, the superhero shit, it's just so predictable. Go watch just to look at how cute Brandon Routh is (he's almost like a plastic doll).

I was having a hard time packing before: all the activities I've chosen to do are so rough (bungy jumping, white water rafting, skydiving, diving, snorkeling), I can't be wearing/using expensive clothes/accessories. It means I've to choose all the cheapest/oldest outfit, which also means I'm gonna look terrible in the pictures. To make things worse, I'm planning on a make-up free trip, where my dark circle finally gets a chance to be in the limelight!

Heck, what am I doing here? Shouldn't I get some sleep so then I don't look too bad for the coming days? If you haven't know, my taxi is arriving at 5.45am (I'm the idiot who chose the flight time and the whole team had to follow me).

Boys and girls, gonna miss you. Darn... five days Baby-less (I mean my laptop). Am sure I'll miss the emails.


Unknown said...

where are u?

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Right here in Melbourne. Miss me yet?