Thursday, July 27, 2006


I've just got home, tipsy with an indigestion, again. Told you I don't wanna eat at that Taiwanese place, it sucks. SP insisted on eating there. Fine... if it weren't because she had no dinner-buddy, I wouldn't go. I ate a lot, ordered 3 dishes for myself as I THOUGHT I was starving, which resulted in a serious indigestion that had followed by some pain, darn!

No more Taiwanese place for me at Chinatown. No more ultra-oily food for myself. Thank god, or instead, thank Hugo for his Amareto Sour that rescued me (GOOD alcohol cures. Somehow my pain was contagious, the mischievous disturbing pain had crawled pass my stomach and went in to SP's, proven again it's the food).

Anyways, I had a great night: lousy dinner + good company + Jess, SP and Milyn for drinks + Cookie + St. Jerome + Cookie (again) + strange Indian trying-to-pick-up + mixed emotion.

I'd love to share this:

I've called up one of the top four restaurants in Melbourne 2006 to make a reservation for two yesterday afternoon. Well, my half-brother had graduated and is going back to KL for good, therefore I was throwing a farewell/graduation dinner for him. Here was how it went...

"Hi, I'm Lynn, I'd just like to make a reservation for dinner tonight"
"Tonight, how many people?"
"For two, please."
"I'm sorry but we're booked out for the whole week."
"Erm... It's for 8.30pm, it's a late dinner, it'll be nice if you could only get us a small table for two, you know..."
"I'm sorry, we're booked out. If you want to come for lunch tomorrow, maybe I can arrange something for you."
"That's alright, thanks. Bye."

Five and a half hours later I told Len what happened. Six hours later Len took me and my half-brother walked in straight and got us a superb table with superb food. Well, Len's a regular (big spender, that's what they meant, right?).

I totally can't accept this. I CALL THIS FAVOURITISM! How could they do that??? I was pissed, absolutely was. But they were smart, and lucky, that they managed to calm me down with their impeccable fare. Awesome. I was speechless (temperless to be precise) after being fed with such yummilicious everything.

That's unfairness, but life's not suppose to be fair (Lynn 2002)

I was talking about Flower Drum. People in Melbourne or who are familiar with Melbourne, you won't be a stranger to this institute. Otherwise, go googling on it, you'll get what I mean.

I'm such unlucky one who couldn't get a table before. Yet... I was the lucky one who got a table without reservation. I was the lucky one who got Len to order the good selections. I was the lucky one who got Len to settle the outrageous cheque. I was the lucky one who's blessed with all the luck. I was and am still is the lucky one, who is able to be lazy, and lucky and be blogging about the life of the lucky, lazy, Lynn.

I'm blessed, I know...


Elizebeth D.L. said...

that is just so unfair.

well, it proves again - wealthy people are much more comfortable in every way (Law, 2006).


Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

So we have work hard to be rich! I think by time I get rich, I'll be too old and I'll be suffering from all sickness/pain.

Gosh... does it mean I'm not gonna be getting a comfortable life?

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Lynn, comfort level is defined by each individual. Some people think that staying at home watching dvd in weekend is very comfortable, while others think that weekend should be shopping outside and spending money like water. So...

btw, which one are you? first or later?:p

angela said...

the easier way : go to where deisy is and u will feel rich... (sort of)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Deisy, to tell you the truth, my ideal comfort life is - some shopping as well as lotsa coffee and catch up drinks on weekdays. Stay in DVD on some weekends, and weekends getaways! Travel every two months will help.

Girls, don't laugh, everyone deserves to dream!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Glad to hear that...