Friday, July 28, 2006

Hire Me!

I've had gobbled down half a dozen of Krispy Kreme, tsk tsk tsk... sinful! I declare that my waist are no more in sight. This is quite depressing, it is. On the contrary, I'm actually very happy with my current situation (I don't mean my waistline). I was just showing my 8-months-ago picture to Pei Wen & Robyn and they finally believed me that I've put on weight. PW then asked me if I'm really happy now, and I went "yeah, I am, never better. This is one of the happiest period of my life, trust me"

Special thanks to Jessie, who bought the Krispy Kreme for me from Sydney. She knows that I wouldn't drive all the way to Narre Warren, yeah I wouldn't. I reckon buying it from Sydney is more convenient. Thank you.

I had a good day today.

I had a good lunch at Kenzan.

I went shopping.

I've got a super adorable necklace and a belt of a different colour from what I have in the wardrobe, both from Mimco.

I've got a dress from Nicola Finetti.

I bought 2 pairs of stockings from Saveway (what the...?). Yeah, I was wearing this pair of shoes for the 109th times, and he was giving me a hard time today because he's having a grumpy day.

I had dinner at Tutto Bene.

I had a great catch-up drinking session with a good friend at Bear Brass.

I bought my oriental lily for my living room.

I had such a good day today.

Len said I'm almost like Cecelia Cheung in this HK movie Shopaholic. He was quite right, if only he can be my Lau Ching Wan. I wish (oh, not him actually). I was on the verge on splurging of this pair of Chloe loafer, not expensive at all but... should I? Should I not?

It was funny how I asked the sweetie from Mimco if they want to hire casuals (I meant me!), minutes after they invited me to their VIP night next week. I seriously need a job. I might lose my so called 'life' once I've to juggle between work and studying five units this semester but... Heck, just hire me!

International Film Festival
is on, I should be pretty occupied. Currently, I'm having this love/hate relationship with my schedule. My weekend and the following week is basically 'booked out'. I love it, I do, yet at times I do get exhausted too, I do...


Elizebeth D.L. said...

hey, you are quite a contented person.

I wish I can learn from you too, and be happy everyday:)

this lousy country is driving me crazy. and I am glad I can be out of this place for a while next week onwards~~~ hurray~~~ hurray~~

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Yeah... actually sometimes, just sometimes, I can be quite easy to please. I really depends on my mood, and the 'direction of the wind blowing', if you get what I mean, haha... Mostly good food + shopping + good friends makes me happy.

Maybe you should try complaining less and embrace the moments?

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