Friday, July 21, 2006

Going Solo III : the Delights

Noosa is not too bad a place for foodwhore like myself. Not only Noosa but anywhere in Sunshine Coast, the amount of restaurants for such a small place makes me jump, if only I can stay longer to sample all of them.

My exploration was only limited to my then territory - Hasting Street mainly because I was lazy to travel out of Noosa Head, and they have a lot to offer than I can cover.

i) Aromas
was crowned the institute on Hasting as it has been there forever. It's the most prominent cafe on the stretch. Famous for its coffees (rarely for me) and the 'people-watching-seats' akin to the brasseries in France. Appreciate the extensive selection of teas they have; hot chocolate was actually quite yummy; sandwiches were alright.


ii) Lindoni's was recommended to me by this lady sitting next to me on board. She and her husband were coincidentally staying at the Sebel. Food was delectable, service staff was attentive and welcoming, wine list was extensive. Later found out that it was honoured the "Best Italian Restaurant in Queensland 2005" by some publication. Look, Queensland's huge. I had a three-course meal plus Kahlua-Latte by myself, it was irresistable to the meal descriptions in the menu while reading out loud in my heart followed by 'I wanna have everything!'


iii) Berardo's on the Beach was my favourite bistro as it was literally next to the beach that offers you a breath-taking view. Afternoon tea was unexpectedly affordable - $9.90 for sandwiches, muffin and coffee/tea., and it was notably delicious. Not to forget the as-good-as-Berth's Salmon Benedict that I had on the following morning.


iv) Berardo's on the other hand, was much more exclusive. Hidden location but am sure the locals or even visitors like myself have no complains as the quality of its well presented fares had justify the tracking down. They were having this special Bastille Day degustation menu on the evening that me and Len paid our visit, which delighted me dearly. Six courses in all, I especially favoured its Light Creamed Asparagus & Sorrel Soup with Vermicelli and Queensland Red Claw Mousse on Toasted Brioche. I shall say no more about the interior of the restaurant as you may already had taken a tour on its website - minimalism. Good recommendation on the bottle of (not-too-cheap) wine that helps butter up the enjoyable evening.


v) Adelena suggested to dine at Flying Fish because Lauren works there (nah, no discount for us but we had left a fat tip instead). It wasn't good at all, at least to me. I had the seafood platter for one, yeah, presentation was not too bad, price was reasonable but taste like I can do better. Therefore I shall comment no more. Alright, alright, it's not THAT bad, but I can still do better.


"I'm gonna get that special mussel of the day... as well as the Fritto Misto"
"sure, no problem"

Came around to set my table... for two.

"are you waiting for someone?"
"no, it's just me"
"you won't be able to finish your food, that was too much. I'll be right back, I'll ask the kitchen to hold on to it"
"erm... no, I want both"
"but that will be way too much for you, sweet"
"hm... do you do takeaway?"
"of course we do"
"I'll take them home if I can't finish, I can't decide which one to..."

Came around to clear my almost clear out plates.

"honey, very well done!"
"yeah, I don't wanna take them home"
"how was the food?"
"love the mussel, it was good"

vi) I was talking about Cafe Le Monde that offers such wide varieties on their menu. Not bad at all, not bad...


vii) I didn't like the Aussie-Asian fusion at the Bistro C. Too bland for me, even the dessert tasted like nothing, or was it just me that evening? Presentation was quite 'there' but these are what you called deceitful packaging perhaps.

Between me and one of the waitresses:
"can you please take a picture for me?"
"by yourself?"
(In my heart: you see anyone next to me? jeez...)

CLICK & flash.


vii) Last but not least - the La Vida that was nice enough to had specially prepare their tapas menu from two to one for me. The perpetual big warm smile on the waitresses sweet looking face made up for the lack of excellence in their food. Now we've got to all agree that looks sell, doesn't it?


The amount of restaurants in Noosa was impressive despite the lack of cuisine varieties. Of course, coming from Melbourne, 'home cooking' is always better.

I'm just guessing that so far this is the least interesting entry of my Noosa exploration as I believe not many of you guys give a damn if the food is good/bad, right?


Am also wondering, if good food will excites me less eventually? Will you be harder to please in the journey of good food quest because you've tasted more and more good ones and nothing surprises you anymore? I wish that day will never come.


tracy said...

sounds like u've gobbled down a month's worth of food to me..
still, how come so little picture??

Elizebeth D.L. said...

"Can you take a picture of me?"
"By yourself?"

This kinda silly question, I thought only appear in China. haha... a more classic one that I encountered here before:

me: "Can I get a coke, cold one please"
waitress: "nope, we don't have it"
(it was a 4-star kinda restaurant ok... they don't have coke???)
me: "okie... u mean you don't sell coke?"
waitress: "we have, but it is not cold"
me -- stunned..
me: "do you have ice then?"
waitress:" yes"
me: "can you bring a non-cold coke, and ice, and mix them together and make it a cold coke for me?"
waitress (without expression):"ok"

(the above conversation, of course, all in mandarin)

Unknown said...

hahaha...hey it's just like when i went to this indian restaurant in Melb (Bismi) the concept is like Kayu in SS2...

Q: Do you have milo ice
A; No we have milo only
Q: Okay... can we have milo with ice
A: No. we don't have ice.


hey lynn...
how was your dinner date yesterday?

angela said...

me : i want a glass of hot water
(it was winter ok)
idiot : no hot water
me : huh?
idiot : no hot water. only normal water.
me : you have a stove or something right?
(even i feel stoopid asking this, it's a reastaurant, of course they have stoves)
idiot : yes.
me : then put your "normal" water on the stove and boil it.

* idiot walks away looking irritated. comes back later to SLAM the hot water on the table.
* idiot served the hot water in disposable transparent plastic cup thinner than pasar malam plastic bags.

question : guess where this was?!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Badtz, I'll dedicate the next blog for you - pure food pictures, though the flash in my camera made the food look plain, which is why I didn't put all up before.

Deisy & June, these idiotic waiter(ess) just pisses us off, don't they? At times I think they are the one who take us as idiots, thinking that we'll give up easily on our request with their SMART answers.

Deisy, where is the place you're talking about?

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Sorry girls sorry girls, I was such a blurry-head. My question was directed to Angel. Here I go again

Angel, where's the place you're talking about?

angela said...

lynn, the place is OSO china!
where else can u find ppl that SMART...

sigh.. am so glad am out of there!
poor deisy.. (don't strangle me! u're coming back soon mah...)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Anonymous, I'm starting to wonder if I know you? ^_~

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