Thursday, June 29, 2006

Can We Click?

People, go buy your tickets and go catch Click, it was good. Well, I thought it was good. I teared at the end of the flick (“isn’t that a comedy? What da…”, Jev just laughed at me when I told him about it at The Joint). Yeah it was a comedy with a good plot. It’s not some dumb flick that leaves your mind blank plus some dumb-laughing.

I’ve come to ponder if I’ve been neglecting those important ones in my life. Have I been procrastinating too much? Have I not showed enough love and care to the deserved ones? Have I been walking too fast in life?

NO! Erm… to be precise: Not really!

I procrastinate therefore I’ve more time to enjoy life. Make sense?

I’ve always behind time in life, never too fast, always late, sigh…

If this is the case, maybe I should walk even slower and procrastinate further to have time to shower my love ones with love, care and quality time.

Seriously, I shall be more attentive to my family from now on, I will, I promise!

I didn’t sleep well last night – bad dreams, bad dreams and more bad dreams. Left me in heartache and a night of constant-checking-syndrome behaviour (on my phone). I can sometimes be quite perplexing, I ain’t waiting for calls, nor texts, then why check? Why the apprehension?

At times I can be very proud of the final products of my dreadful cookings. Current example: I thought/felt/was confident that I’ve cooked up the yummiest fried rice I’ve ever tasted in years (don’t ever laugh!). New flavoured invented, scrumptious!

I feel like a movie again… and drinks plus some gossips, anyone?

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