Friday, September 28, 2007


I think Tetris is therapeutic, especially when I've got the killer PMS, like now. Haven't got this for a long time. Wei Liang was telling me, "when women get her PMS, they should go to sleep, or go shopping". Oh yeah, sounds simple but dude, where's the money to shop? Ask the men to pay for the bills and all problem might be solved.

I've started my dream diary from the 25th of September. For some reasons, I see the need to get in touch with my dreams, that they could be symbolic. Like you already know, I've weird dreams every night. The out-of-no-where, make-no-sense, faces-I've-never-seen and nonsensical-storyline kinda dreams. Candyman said I can publish a book in the future, with a collection of my weirdest of the weird dreams.

Aaarrrggghhh... I'm so not in the mood to do anything. Not even to go out. This mood swing is irritating the shit out of me and forget about asking me to control my temper and emotion, it's not working. So I played Tetris. That's the only thing that can take my mind off nonsense and calm me down, for a short moment.

No wonder TY thinks we girls need anger management class.


Whasup said...

i had a weird dream too recently... alien invasion......

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

So did you get anal poke?