Monday, September 24, 2007

Don't Forget that Smile

I love the smell of chemical that comes with the steam when you open up your dishwasher to a clean load of dishes. Many say using the dishwasher isn't environmental, the washing tablets are not biodegradable and all the toxic bla bla story shit. I've accustomed to almost not washing a single mug. I believe washing is too much work.

I also love the feel of fresh warm laundry from the dryer with that mild sweet scent. Getting the clothes out of the dryer is the best part of doing one's laundry I believe. Some say it is also not very environmental while it puts my electricity bill up. I think it's too much work to hang my clothes out in the balcony, and then take them in.

I love going to bed knowing that I don't have to get up early the following day. For some reasons, I don't sleep well when I know I've got an AM start the next day. The more important the appointment is, the more restless I would get. Most of the time I'll end up tossing and turning in bed and waking up every other hour to check on the time. Uncannily, the alarm has to set off when I finally doze off, gggrrrhhh...

I enjoy coming home to a made bed. It just makes you feel calmer and more lifted. Well, generally coming home to a cleaned, organized apartment is great, always great. Not to forget to leave the windows open for fresh air, and blinds up for sunlight. Bliss.

It is these small little things in daily life that makes me happy. Guess they are rewards sent from above praising my hard work - putting dishes in to washer, transferring laundry from washer to dryer, making my bed, amongst others. There always should be a brighter side and I wish I will always smile a little in stinky situation that is generally life.

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