Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm Rarely Bored

I've got this habit of deleting contacts from my phone book when I'm bored, or when I choose to be bored. When this happens, I discover one after another names on the list that I've no faintest idea of who they are. They probably don't know me, and neither do I. The person who made friends with these people has to be the alcohol in me.

I got so bored, I sent a text to this historical friend of mine, Whirlpool to check if he's still alive. He is no more in Melbourne but he tried contacting me in January. Okay, that was 9 months ago. I am a bad friend. There's no reply till now so I assume, Whirlpool has either changed his number, or he's ignoring me. I refuse to think that he's out of this world, things as such can't happen that easily.

So I said no to dinner then I got bored at home. I wanted to get out of the apartment and I started calling some friends at half-past-eight. As I've expected, everyone was either in the midst of meal, or had already finished. Then I thought of Confuse, my ex-boyfriend who used to dine me every night at about 10pm because he would be at the gym at normal dinner hours. Well, even he was having dinner at a normal time tonight. These are the times when I tell myself, I want someone here with me.

I've 45 minutes to decide on what delivery shall I order before I lose my last choice for the evening. Unless someone wants to have supper with me.

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