Friday, September 14, 2007

At Almost 3am

As we were both deep in sleep in each other's arms, I got woken up by this wet patch on the sheets when my leg rolled over it. It was definitely quite a big patch of water and it was cold. I freaked and got up speaking in the calmest tone I managed to pull...

"baby, did you pee in bed?"
"no..." he murmured.
"why is the bed wet?" frowning I was.
"it's not, silly girl" while attempting to pull me back to his arms.
"no! Baby, did you have wet dreams?" this time I was staring at him in darkness.
"what? no!" his words were getting clearer after my voice got louder.

I turned on the lights that made the both of us squinted, while pulling the doona off him. He had no choice but to examine the wet spot with me while I couldn't stop myself from yellng...

"baby!!!! you peed in bed, you peed in bed!!!"

He frowned while muttering repeatedly... "baby, I didn't."

So we stared at the spot, touched it, smelled it, and true enough, it wasn't pee or the second assumption that I had made. It was strange and he was determined to find out what was that. The silly me started to think that my place was haunted again and for a second, I was too scared to go to the bathroom alone. After some further investigation by him, the answer was sweat.

"sweat??!! this much? this wet?" I was in disbelief although I had to believe.
"baby, what d'you think sweat is?"

Fine, fine, fine, went back to sleep as long as neither of us peed in bed. Later in the night only we realized, my poor Candyman was having a temperature. One moment he was freezing and felt like he was trapped in a 4degree room, the next moment he felt like he was burning and was breaking into sweat. And he was right, sweat was like water and his side of the bed was soaked. He told me in the morning that he couldn't believed I thought he peed in bed and that I was so certain. Then he said he won't pee in bed and since he was 4 months old, he knew how to make his way to the loo.

Bwahahahahaha... that cracked me up big time and had just made my Friday a pleasant one.


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