Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Liaw

Congratulations to June and Desmond, they are now Husband and Wife. It was a lovely ceremony accompanied by great family, friends and beautiful weather. As far as I can remember, this is the first wedding that I've attended without being on the verge of shedding happy tears. They were just too funny and we were all amused.

I got all attention from the guests by embarrassingly making a dash into the waiting room, panting, sweating and panicking. I thought I was late. I was such an idiot, let me tell you. I was already late being in traffic on chocker-everyday Collin Street. When the taxi driver stopped me at the corner of Spring and Collin, which was exactly where I should've gotten off, I told him to keep going towards the north of Spring.

He reminded me that I'm suppose to be at Treasury Building and that's where I should get off. I was more than confident and I told him to not worry, I know where I wanna go. Fine. So I got off 2 blocks later, by giving him a fat tip because I had no time to waste for change. I crossed the road, stared at the Parliament and told myself, that's not where I wanna go! I don't know what I was thinking but I knew I was late. So I ran, literally ran like I was being chased by a monster in my maxi dress and sandals. I made it there before the ceremony began, phew!

It's Saturday night and I'm home. I want to stick to this pattern in the future.

Got home from dinner and realized I've forgotten to leave the balcony door open for fresh air. So the sweet scent of the oriental lilies welcomed me home instead. Then I thought of Candyman. Every evening when we came home, he would be whinging about how my apartment is like an ice room, followed by demanding a big hug from me before shutting the balcony door. That put a smile on my face. If he was with me tonight, he would be jumping in joy for the warmed apartment.

He is, once again, right. I don't have to miss him because he's always with me, in my heart.


Elizebeth D.L. said...

June, congratulations! (sorry Lynn, have to do it here. hehehe)

Lynn, when is your candyman returning?:)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Deisy, that's fine. It was so quiet here that I was starting to believe no one visits my site.
I don't know when is Candyman coming back again, his work schedule is pretty f*cked-up. But I should be seeing him next month in KL, :) Why? You wanna visit us?