Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Relationship, ahhh...

I was looking through my undergrads assignments this afternoon, hoping to find some useful information that will help me in my current studies, but no, nothing related. Anyway, I found these essays which reminded me that I've once took this very interesting elective unit of behavioral studies, namely Human Relationship & Interpersonal Communications. I was ecstatic because I remembered this is the one and only unit that I had gotten all D and H.D for all assignments *giggle*

So I started reading what I had written and all these demand-withdraw pattern, relational maintenance and all different terms and theories came to mind. This got me curled up in bed and began to think about relationship.

Relationship. I looked at my past failed relationships and asked myself, how did I manage to make so much sense in those essays? I've my fair share of heartbreaks and heart-breakings (aaarrrgghh... karma, karma!), had been into f*cked-up relationships and am still learning how to not screw things up. They can be so easily put on papers but when it comes to practise... *roll eyes*

Relationship. Easy to give your friends advice on what to do and what not to do but always do the opposite when I'm in trouble. Sometimes I surprise myself with the most sensible advice given to my friends but when others advised me when I needed help, I could't hear a thing. I blindly did them my way, pffft!

Relationship. It had happened that when I had one, I wanted to get out of it. There were times when I was looking for one yet it kept hiding away from me. There were times when I was trying to hide myself but it couldn't stop chasing after me. There were times when we had a pact where we would take a break from each other and enjoy ourselves, it was awesome. Then this is also the time where we've decided that it's time to reunite.

Relationship. I thought I got into a ridiculous one but it makes me smile, it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy and it gives me strength. So, it's not that bad. In fact, being with someone who's not with you all the time makes it a stronger relationship because it is based mostly on emotional connection. I believe we will build a strong foundation that will take us a long way. See, it makes a non-believer (of long distance relationship) believes!

Relationship. I thought my problem was big but when you look around you, everyone has their problems. Some are small little problems that are too easy to solve, some allowed it to snowball to a huge one. Some hold on to each other and destroy the snowball, some walk away from each other. Some wants to step on the snowball and let it melt but have not enough strength without the support of the other.

It has never been easy, and it shouldn't be easy, but they are part of life. It's all hard work and for those who needs help, I can lend you my text book but let me tell you... theory and practice don't quite match.


Whasup said...

zone of pain!! lol

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

other path you choose would eventually throw you back to the zone of pain in the middle. Also, no pain, no gain, ;)