Friday, September 21, 2007

Steph tagged me

5 things in my handbag/bag :
mobile phone
lip balm
keys (either home or car)
hand cream

5 things in my purse :
driver's license
credit card
bank card

favourite things in my favourite room (my living room):
my powerbook
my stereo
my red couch
my coffee table that doubles as leg rest
my flowers in the vase

things I would like/love to do :
ski in Japan
Christmas in Fiji
massage every 5 days
be punctual
attend Bikram yoga religiously

5 things I’m currently doing :
listening to classical music
contemplating if I should have supper
drinking herbal tea

I'm tagging all bloggers who read my blog. For non-bloggers who are as bored as I am now, send them out in an email.

*** *** ***

Found a place in Carlton that sells fresh flowers for half of the price I was paying. They are looking good and it's these small little things in everyday life that put a smile on my face. Hope smiling and laughing too much won't bring those crow's feet to my life quicker than they should.

Making a trip to the cinema was all worth it for Ratatouille. It has became one of my favourite animated movie. It's about food, about friendship, about family, about love, about passion, about achieving your dreams, about cute little rats and nerdy chef-wannabe, it's about you going to watch it yourself. Pre-movie dinner at The Brasserie completed the fabulous gastronomic evening that we had.

I'll try to sleep again. Sweet dreams, peeps!

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