Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Do I Look My Age?

I'm currently hooked on this track from a couple of years ago. Thanks to DJ Coming for giving me the CD so I can put it on repeat while driving. Repeat as in repeat for days and sometimes, weeks. So DJ Coming, get ready to burn me another copy as the one you gave me isn't of the best, must be us passing around without cover.

As I was chatting with Jie Shian on MSN, we came to this topic of looking older or younger than your actual age. She was telling me her new boss is highly intelligent with an impressive credential. So I asked if he's hot (like I normally do with every Tom, Dick and Harry). Her answer was negative and she added that he looks like a 46 when he's only 36.

Well, he's smart, uses his brain a lot, works hard and that's probably how he had gotten that 10 years extra on his face, and probably his body. So I said, since I'm a bimbo, don't work hard enough and don't use my brain whenever possible, I'm pretty confident that when I'm 46, I'll look 36. Does it make sense to you?

Then again, looking at the rate I'm going in terms of drinking, partying and staying up till the sunrise, I could be looking like a 46 by 36. If my theory is right, do the math buy adding ten and abstracting ten, I should look 36 when I'm 36, right? Well, if things doesn't work as direct and simple as mathematics, that I won't look younger being a bimbo, that my lifestyle is killing my youthfulness, then I'm in trouble.

Trouble is that I can't decide, whether to enjoy my life and live for today, or preserve myself for the future. Who says I've no stress?

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