Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Believe

Cried all my way from the airport to home, I'm stupid in ways like these. Candyman was right, and I knew he was right, that this is not goodbye, this is just the beginning. A beginning that requires a lot of effort, trust, belief, discipline, confidence, honesty, persistence and most importantly, love. To make this already tough job harder - it takes two to tango, pffftt! Just why did I choose this path? I can't say no to my heart.

So I'm home alone in my apartment, unwilling to go to bed. Who's gonna hug me to sleep and keep me warm? Who's gonna tell me that there's no monster when I've nightmare? Whose alarm is gonna annoy the shit outta me when it rings at 7.30am? Who's gonna talk shit with me when I can't fall asleep? Who's gonna give me the biggest kiss before he goes to work and the biggest hug in the evening? Who's gonna play with me?

I can't stop whinging about how life is a bitch and how it is unfair and how karma is here chasing after me and how I think I'm crazy. I know I'll be fine when I wake up tomorrow. It's not the end but a beautiful beginning.

We'll be fine. 208.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you'll be fine babe...think positively.

see you soon.