Monday, August 04, 2008

let's get another drink?

So some of my friends were saying at our age, opss... more like at their age, we should be slowing down when it comes to drinking, partying, getting drunk or falling all over the place. Looks like it's the other way round for us. I don't believe in that anyway. Keat says it's time for her to slow down yet she's behaving otherwise. We were telling her to go volunteer in some third world countries, she said she's not interested. So Violet asked her what she's interested in? "Home session" was her answer, -_-"

It was Beckie's belated birthday dinner and 'let's get retarded' party on Friday but all of us thought it was our birthday. So we ate like it was our birthday, drank like it was our birthday and fell like it was our birthday. Ally and I did anyway, cool stuff.

We handled the sake and wine at dinner well. We were chasing for more alcohol at Watermark at first. What happened later was a blur, or cannot be recalled. I knew I was talking to ah-neh Turkish DJ. I knew all my friends were with me. I knew I had cognac, whisky, vodka, Jaegar bombs, and more unidentified alcohol. I knew I danced all night. I knew we took photos. I knew we were texting each other. Then I don't remember how we adjourned to Seven. I don't remember what I drank there, and I don't remember what games we were playing with Ben. But I remember he pushed us gently, Ally and I fell hard on the dance floor. We thought it was very funny, really. So she hurt her ankle, I hurt my knee, same spot as my ski injury.

Came home at 7-ish in the morning after a nap at Ben's. We could've partied on I believe. Ally said she couldn't remember anything about the fall. "No more alcohol" was what she said but that's what we say on most weekend, don't we? Beckie was worse, she couldn't remember going to Seven, her memory was Lavish striaght to Ben's. Absinthe does that to me!

The alcoholic in me didn't get put off by alcohol though. So I went for round two on Saturday night. This time the mix was wine, vodka, soju, korean choya and don't-remember-what-else-I-put-in-my-mouth-anymore. I reckoned I drank almost 1.5 bottles of soju cause I was late and everyone else was drunk, they didn't wanna drink and I was eager to get drunk, hurhurhur... I don't remember how I ended up saying yes to Boulevard. I don't know how Becks ended up getting me from the city and I was making a big fuss on how she had to get me right from the doorstep. I don't remember what I did in the club at all, or what I've drank. But I remember not able to get a taxi, and I got lost in Crown, and I ended up at the Promenade, and found a taxi on the street. I also know that this morning when I got up to pee, my head was still spinning.

So I've been going back to my two-nights-straight partying shit. Why not? It's always good fun. Who knows when my friends wanna 'slow down' and stop getting retarded with me.

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Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Bwahahaha... you were still thinking straight, good work girl!

Beckie was complaining to me on how noisy I was and how I refused to walk to her car by insisting that she reverse her car to where we were, -_-"