Wednesday, August 20, 2008

you ain't Carrie or Meredith

What has modern television done to my fellow girl friends?

I've some girl friends around me who are so absorbed with their favourite TV series they related themselves (and sometimes their men) to the characters of these shows. Some imitate these characters and some believed they'll live the life of these fictional superstars. Let's stick with the screen names now.

Carrie has been seeing Big for more than a year now. Carrie is obsessively, deeply in love with Big. Big can be such a sweetheart to Carrie but a bastard at the same time. He would wine her, dine her, cook for her, take her to places but go missing on her for days before he resurface from the poison sea. Big refused to be in a relationship with Carrie, after countless attempts from the lady to secure a relationship. However, Carrie believes, like in the movie, Big will finally realizes that 'she's the one' after six years and will finally marries her ten years down the road.

Meredith comes from a broken family with quite f*cked up parents. She thought life would be sweeter when Derek waltzes into her life but no - he has a wife who he decided to pick over Meredith. Meredith is still hung up on Derek for the longest time and slept with several people who she shouldn't have for comfort. It came to a point where she made a decision to be a celibate and came up with her own period of celibacy. During that period, she met the sexy Finn, who she made him wait before they can have sex. The story goes on but my point is - people who constantly needs to come out with these resolution/plan are losers who have problem ironing their life. And I'm not saying that I'm superior, I'm a loser at many times - I have my resolutions, plans and restriction on myself too, which I failed mostly.

So Carrie and Meredith really do exist in my life. They think they are Carrie and Meredith and they probably idolize them or at least think they've similarity. Anyway, before I start rambling away, my point of this entry is...

I despise Big! Not the television character but my real life girl friend's Big. I regret bringing Big into Carrie's life. I don't think Carrie deserves to be treated this way - she deserves to be in a relationship with someone who cares enough to be in one with her. Do you really think Big will change with time? Is it worth the wait? I personally don't think so. She says she knows she shouldn't be wasting anymore time on him but her action shows otherwise. As her good friend, I've given my advice but if she persists on chasing, all I can do is to listen, wish her good luck and be her safety net for her to fall back. Sigh... this girl is tough let me tell you, she falls and she climbs onto the same path almost immediately.

Big has lost all his respect from me. I hate liars and I cannot stand people who are pretentious and let me tell you - he is freaking pretentious. No doubt he's always nice to people around him including myself but he can go get f*cked and be another Jesus. It annoys me when he tries so hard to be nice to everyone. Okay, to be fair, he can be really nice and helpful to others, almost everyone except for Carrie. That one thing that he did to her is enough to get him in my bad book. On one hand, I wish that he'll soon cave and give relationship a go to end Carrie's misery; on the other hand, I wish she'll wake up one day and sees the light, understanding that he's no good for herl, that she shall stop wasting her time and put herself out there to find true love.

Pffftt! I've fallen sick with a fever and sore throat. Maybe that's why I'm angry and emotional but seriously, I really think my friends should stop thinking that they can live the life of the silver screen stars. Watch them, get addicted like myself and live your own life. Walk out of it, or like I always believe, RUN! Oh well, that's my two cents worth. This is probably meaningless to many of you and I shall just jump in bed and sleep the fever off.


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