Thursday, August 07, 2008

what if I was wrong?

I'm a person who's constantly need to be in the know. I believe knowing is better than wondering although one might say "just how sure are you of what you know is the truth?". Well, the truth is your perception of a fraction of reality that you choose to believe, I guess. At least I've known of someone, or maybe a couple of them, who is lost in their own truth because lying is part of their reality of life. I don't know if that's normal but I feel sorry for them, that makes one feeling constantly confused. 

The little me in this big world gets confused from time to time too, because some people can be really deceitful. There are also times where I judge too quickly missing the opportunity of getting to know a person sans skepticism. You put them into categories and draw your line making sure you don't allow them to cross it, all in the name we called rule of the game. But I call it self-protection. And these are the times that make me wonder - did I judge too quickly? Is it too late to reverse the situation?

So knowing is better than wondering. When I say knowing, I don't mean finding out the truth but getting rid of the 'perhaps'. Knowing that I can, that I'm capable, that I can achieve. Like a wise friend said to me before... it's better to do it and regret, than to regret not doing it.

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