Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Likai's in Melbourne!

Likai and I had four bottles of wine last night. We weren't that drunk to be honest. We were pretty tipsy after the two bottles of white before dinner. We were surprisingly okay after another two bottles of red at my place. Our promise of stopping after one was broken. The Chamber Rosewood red was divine. Candyman got it for me and I've never heard of this name before. Maybe you don't get drunk so easily on good wine?

We woke up feeling tired and sluggish. Took her to Footscray for some authentic Vietnamese pho before heading north to DFO Essendon. We were 'sort of' hungover - I wasn't sure if I was caffeine-deprived or it was the after effect of last night's alcohol but coffee definitely saved us. Both of us were chatty again once the caffeine kicked in.

I spent too much again but I excuse myself because I mainly spent on home wares. Got some tumblers and wine glasses to replenish those that I've broken when I was drunk. Got new sheets again and some baby clothes for my daughter niece. I really need to stay in to not spending money and one thing that I HAVE to achieve before Hotham this weekend - register myself with all job site!

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