Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sam will be fine

I was an idiot and I've no one to blame. It was all my fault. I pressed hard on the accelerator and I was flying. Thank God all of us are home safely. Thank God I didn't drink. It was a punishment that I deserve and I'll learn from my lesson.

I'm home from Hotham. Good weekend, very good weekend with good snow. I've started doing the black runs and I'm liking it. Didn't really fall except for a bad one when I was half asleep in the morning. Foggy weather and I was just waking up, went off a small little cliff, landed on rock hard icy foot path of someone's apartment. That's my only real fall on the weekend. When I got back in the evening, there was blood on my right knee even though I had thermal pants and ski pants on, pfftt!

TY was the best travel companion when it comes to food. It was so nice of her to make us hotpot. Hotpot in our room when it was minus 4 outside was awesome. We saved a lot of money on shit food on the mountain too. Gave Tsubo a try though, Jap fusion - it was only okay, I don't plan to return but if I have to, I won't say no. What am I talking about?

I'm speaking air, I'm tired. Tired from many things and from the weekend. If I've a choice right now, I would cancel all my plans this week and just hibernate at home. I just wanna do nothing and see no one but I know I can't. One of my very good friend is going through a very tough time, I wanna be with this person. Let's call this person Sam in this entry, only in this entry! I want Sam to know that he/she will be okay, that he/she will be able to get on to 'the other side', as a friend said today. Sam is a strong person, much tougher and wiser than me so if I can get on the other side, Sam will be able to do it. Bear in mind that my issue was nothing compared to Sam's issue right now but there's always two sides of a coin - the good and the bad. Something bad had happened but there's always a good side to it. So I need to be with Sam whenever possible because being alone isn't the best thing for Sam right now. I've faith in Sam.

What had happened is finally sipping into me. What a disastrous weekend for the both of us. Sigh... enough of being a sookie today, I shall just go to bed. Good snow people!

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