Wednesday, August 27, 2008

man, I really can sleep

Air Asia is amazing! I got my KL-Melb-KL-Melb (three ways) tickets for less than RM1900. Now they are giving out free tickets and Melbourne is on the list. My darling Eleana is visiting in June and Likai is coming again in July, woot! My darling will be around for Queen's Birthday, that means I'm taking her to the rave. Oh my god, I just cannot wait! Meanwhile, Adrian is in town and we might miss each other. I'm feeling so lazy I just wanna stay in and I'll be in the snow early Thursday so...

Last weekend was mad arse (again). I was sick but I had to go snow gear shopping with TY before attending Small A's birthday dinner in Prahran. I was tipsy before dinner from merely half a bottle of Sav Blanc at home. I get drunk very easily when I'm sick, hungry and tired. By time we finished dinner and got to Watermark, I was already happy drunk. Nothing dramatic this time, no falling over but one of the DJs, I don't wanna name name here wanted a quickie with me in his car, pffftt! I'm not kidding. For your information, he has a girlfriend that he claims to be very much in love with on his Facebook yet he has the guts to ask me to do that with him. Do all men have problem keeping their members in their pants?

Later that night, we ended up at Pat's for supper and cards. That's when I lost my voice totally. TY was elated because she said I can finally stop talking and not give her a headache, oh well... I survived Saturday with a massive hangover and a chockablock schedule starting from 10.30am. So I decided to keep drinking to stop my hangover. That always works but not before 2am, imagine how much pain I had to sit through that night?

Came Sunday and it was the most painful day because I was sick like a dog. My head was so congested with that throbbing headache. I slept for more than 21 hours that day until Monday morning. I don't believe in medication as many of you know so herbal tea, supplements, heaps of water and rest were my only path to recovery and I'm all well now. In fact, I had a big night yesterday with more than 20 shots of wet pussies/ski buddies on top of beer, wine and vodka. Don't even ask what I did after all those drinks, just too funny but for the record, I did not drive.

A good friend from KL, Mandy, was telling me she has been reading my blog. She's a little concern and wanted me to take care of myself. Before our chat ended, she said "have a good Friday and relaxing weekend". All right, my weekend was no where near relaxing.

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