Monday, August 18, 2008

that's my bruised left knee

This is one of the many bruises I've gotten myself on Saturday night. Trust me, they hurt bad especially those two on my elbows. Couldn't even rest my arms on the table last night when playing cards. I was warned by Violet to stop doing stupid things to myself when I'm drunk, one fine day I'll injure myself bad. She's right. So I shall stop drinking and head home after the 15th drink mark, and stay away from my fellow alcoholic friends. Alright, I know that'll take some time before it happens so to set a more achievable goal, I'll let my liver rest from today till Thursday 5pm.

On another note, I realized I'm not very much of a baby-person besides for my own niece. Mira and Frank brought little Lawrence to Milyn's dinner and most of the night, every one was ooohhh-ing and aaahhh-ing over the baby and was fighting for his attention... except for me! I was more interested in my food, wines and cocktails. I told Jev and Rika, "I think I'm not very much into babies, I have no slightest interest." Jev said, "yeah, that's pretty obvious, we all noticed." Damn... Speaking of baby, the one and only that I'm keen on, is getting cuter and cuter. Saw her photos on my sis-in-law's FB, she had her first bikini and you know what her family (my family indeed) did? They had the blowup swimming pool IN OUR KITCHEN! WTF right? I guess I know what they were thinking - the little angel might catch a cold in the garden. Fine, that's my family for you. Moving along, I'm really happy that I finally got my period. Well, really happy is an understatement. Don't even think of anything maternity, absolutely nothing to do with that. I was just very sick and tired of my PMS. I had really bad skin, felt extremely bloated and looked three months pregnant (TY said that, really). Seriously, you know you've true friends who love and care about you when they can tell you the truth at any time, instead of some "no, you look fine, you look great bullshit". And I was eating like an eating machine *roll eyes* June and Likai witnessed my bottomless stomach eating behaviour on Wednesday. Every two hours or less I'll be stuffing my face and we're talking about real food, not chips or snacks and you know what was worse? I knew I had eaten enough after each meal yet I didn't feel full! Not until our very last meal at Little Lamb's all-you-can-eat szechuan hotpot. So yes, yes and yes, I'm bleeding and have lost 50% of my appetite. My skin shall get back to normal by tomorrow's evening.

I'm very tempted to pop open a bottle of my favourite Innocent Bystander's Moscato to celebrate...

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