Tuesday, August 19, 2008

blackout and shivering

I think the doctor thought I was abused. Or maybe I was just being paranoid. I went for pre-permanent residency application health check and I had to stripped down to my bra and g-string. The doctor saw my many bruises including the left knee one that looks worse than yesterday now. She asked me what happened, I said I fell on the street while running to my car under the rain. She gave me a look and asked me other questions that got me paranoid. How embarrassing?!

As much as I'm elated that I'm bleeding, that has caused me to have to make another trip back to the health service centre. I need to retake my urine test because I'm having my menses. That means my results would be delayed another 10 days too, great! Just what a last minute person like me needs.

In fact, my appointment was supposed to be on last Wednesday but something bad happened. I couldn't believe how unlucky things can strike me at my most desperate times. My appointment was at quarter to nine, I got up at half past seven. Came out of shower drying myself and... pop! Black out. Entire building. No heater. No lights. No hot drinks to warm myself up. Obviously I couldn't take the elevator to the car park. There's the staircase but... what if I can't beep myself out with my security key (I wasn't sure if it's electrical), I'll be stuck in that staircase right? Right, if I'm lucky enough to get to my car park, how can I get my car out of the garage - electrical door, yes!

I looked at my receipt, it says I can't change my appointment with less than 24 hours notice or money will be forfeited ($270 okay?). I can't find my building manger's mobile because I've changed a new phone and was telling myself if I need him, his number's always in the lift. I couldn't get on the Internet because I just remembered I need the power for the modem. I couldn't decide if I should call the Neighbour although I fully understood that he's no superman and he cannot carry me and fly me out of here. And for those of you who know where I live, you know my apartment isn't some falling apart old shitty place, pffftt! So I was calling June to swear my lungs out, venting my rage on how this can happen to me, that I was naked, wet and cold and I've been living here for almost four years this had never happened, blah blah blah...

I had no choice but to call HSA, I explained to the phone operator my situation and she rescheduled my appointment for me for free. What a relieve. And as soon as I've done that, the power came back. So much for getting up early but my day didn't go to waste. Had a great day with the visitor, piled on a few kilos from eating and took lotsa photos playing tourists.

So that's my story. By the way, my detox program is going down the drain in 30 minutes' time. It's a friend's belated birthday dinner and I cannot have good food without good wines to go with and since I'm gonna do it, I shall do it right. Pre-dinner drinks and cheese in 30 mins, woot!

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