Monday, August 11, 2008

dim sims or bad coffee no more

I love dim sims despite they're made from some not very healthy offal. Although I don't take any offal, but dim sims just taste so good, especially the South Melbourne market ones. Some say they are too salty, I say they are absolutely delicious. I had four to myself on the way to Bright on Friday evening when none of the others in the car was interested. Had more dim sims at lunch on both Saturday and Sunday, and got myself more in Myrtleford while driving us back. I had about 10 dim sims in 48 hours, gross! So I've to get off it for some time, it's unhealthy and it's... just gross! Perhaps dim sims can be my ski-food - I have them only when I'm on ski trips. Or maybe I can have a few when I see shops that sells the South Melbourne ones. Or when I walk past any hot food shops and feel like one.

Bad coffee is another thing that I absolutely loathe. I was stuck with bad coffee on the weekend in the country and up the snow. Sigh... it's really sad when you're given one that burns your tongue, too bitter or too milky when you're dying for one. It got worst at Snake Gully Hut where they don't do soy or skinny. Fine, but give me one that taste like coffee and not milk. Anyway, I need to be coffee-free for at least a week. I suspect I sort of 'need' it now, instead of 'want' it. I'm not a morning person, never have been. I get especially snappy and cranky these days without caffeine in the morning, not good at all. I don't like substances to take control of my body. I have them because I can, not because I need.

Staying in for once, after many many evening outs. Being home having dinner in front of the TV was a total bliss. I said no to after work drinks with Keat, and said no to Pat/Violet for dinner. I'm just having one of those mood swings that comes and goes without a reason. Not upset with anyone in particular, I just wanna be by myself, not having to speak with anyone. Eat in my PJs and not having to bother if my hair looks nice. I've been wanting to stay home for a long time, just since when staying at home is a plan while going out has become a regimen? I wanted to whip something up in the kitchen but realized I've nothing in the freezer except for chicken drumstick and carcass for making soup. I had takeaway from Dainty's instead. Ordered enough to feed four but I couldn't miss on any of my favourite dishes. So I've got eight boxes of food sitting in my fridge while I've dinner plans up until Monday.

I am also thinking of popping a bottle of vino that I've gotten from the Gapsted winery yesterday on our way back to Melbourne. I don't drink by myself at home, that's my house rule but I'm really excited about the 2006 Petit Manseng *slurp* Probably not a good idea knowing that I've to be up by half past 7 tomorrow. I'm still thinking, thinking, thinking...

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